WFILTU Chapter 348 – Arrived III

Immediately, there was a voice nearby. She approached and saw that Lin Zhihua was cooking around with an apron.

Feeling her gaze, he suddenly looked up and smiled.

“Jiao Jiao, come here.”

Xue Jiao approached blankly. Lin Zhihua scooped a bowl of soup from the nearby pot and gave it to her “Drink it quickly.”

She took it over. It was a little hot.

But placing it on her hand, it was just right. The taste of ginger was a little obvious.

Xue Jiao took a sip, and the warm temperature transferred to her. Even her heart seemed to warm a lot.

There was peace.

“Thank you.” She didn’t know how many thanks she said to Lin Zhihua.

He continued to cut vegetables. Xue Jiao drank a few mouthfuls of ginger soup and looked at the person in casual clothes in front of her.

“Lin Zhihua, I’ll go back first……”

Before she finished, the other party’s hand stopped and he turned around.

“I’m already cooking. I can only eat by myself when you leave?”

Xue Jiao: “……”

She chuckled and said, “Then alright, I’m honored to try your craft again.”

Lin Zhihua looked at her shallow smile and said, “You look best with a smile.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

She leaned against the door and looked at his busy figure, a little moved.

Her original heart, which was a little uncomfortable, seemed to get better under his care……

Those sad, disappointments, gradually became forgotten in the back of her mind.

“Xue Jiao——” Lin Zhihua turned his head. His voice was suddenly serious and shouted her name.

Xue Jiao subconsciously shivered “here!”

“You didn’t blow your hair again…..” Lin Zhihua’s voice was faint.

Xue Jiao: “……”

As soon as her scalp tightened, she suddenly thought that when she was at home, even across the screen, he seemed to know that she didn’t blow dry her hair.

Then he would seriously remind herself not to sleep without drying her hair.

“I I I…… I don’t sleep……”

Lin Zhihua’s face disapproved, and even the action of cutting the vegetables stopped.

“You were just caught in the rain, you……”

“I’ll go, I’ll go!” Xue Jiao immediately raised her hands and surrendered.

She left the kitchen door and walked towards the bathroom.

At this time, there was a couple coming up in the elevator of the apartment.

“Changping, are we really going straight up?” Mother Lin said with worry.

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Father Lin had a bluff on his face “He left his parents outside and didn’t allow us to come back. Is this what a birth son does?!”

Mother Lin nodded her head and replied, “Isn’t that right. Zhihua has gone too far in recent years!”

Lin Changping continued to criticize “We only let him see the old man’s neighbor’s children, and he even sent us out. The old man said that he was deceived by the car accident at the beginning. This was his own grandfather who brought him up! He actually couldn’t be tolerant!”

“Yes, yes!” Mother Lin nodded with approval on her face, “and after more than a year, he only let us come back a few times, not allowing us to stay for a long time!”

In fact, Mother Lin’s words were exaggerated. Lin Zhihua will let them come back every other period of time.

But when they came back, they either continued to mix with the old man or introduced Lin Zhihua to partners.

Not long after he came back, Lin Zhihua simply sent them out again.

In their opinion, Lin Zhihua only allowed them to return home for a few days every once in a while, rather than them causing trouble and being sent out again.

These two people…… didn’t understand why they were forced out……

“I won’t go out this time. If he wants to send me out again, then he can send my body away!” Lin Changping held a strong attitude.

He wanted to control Lin Zhihua’s temper!

\”Aiyah, Changping, don’t say such words!” Mother Lin hurriedly pulled him.

“Hng——” Lin Changping snorted coldly, displaying great momentum.

Mother Lin suddenly thought of something and said, “The old man said a few days ago that as long as Zhihua married the granddaughter of the famous psychologist of the Sun family, he would always support him and give him the rest of his property. Shall we talk about it today?”

Lin Changping frowned and continued to bluff. “Say it! Why don’t we say it? We’re doing this all for his good. Why doesn’t he understand? What’s the matter with finding a girlfriend? Why is he so stubborn!”

Mother Lin nodded, and they seemed to rush towards Lin Zhihua’s door.

Xue Jiao just went to the bathroom and heard a sound coming from the living room.

“Bang Bang Bang——” Someone knocked at the door.

It was very loud. It sounded like they came looking for trouble.

Xue Jiao was stunned. He came out and looked at Lin Zhihua in the kitchen. He was cooking and didn’t hear it.

Hence she shouted, “Lin Zhihua, someone knocked at the door…….”

Lin Zhihua heard her voice, turned back, frowned, and then said, “Help me open it.”

“Oh, oh, ok.” Xue Jiao walked over.

With Lin Zhihua here, she was not afraid of bad people.

Xue Jiao opened the door. Outside the door, there stood an angry middle-aged man who also raised his hands to knock on the door. Next to him stood a middle-aged woman who was very finely dressed and noble.

Originally, they all looked angry, but the moment they saw her, their expressions changed.

Both of them now looked at her with a stiff face, as if they saw a ghost.

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