SAPPS Chapter 9

Just as she arrived at the school gate, an aircraft passed over her head and stopped. Jin Ke came out and waved to her: “Wei San.”

“What kind of car is this?” Jin Ke turned around her electric car, “Are you selling it?”

Wei San: “Fifty thousand star coins.”

“Forget it.” Jin Ke looked at her back seat. “Can I sit here? You take me to school.”

“One trip is 500 stars.”

“Aren’t we friends?”

“I’m poor.”

Jin Ke raised his hand to transfer 500 star coins over to Wei San and sat behind her: “Done.”

Looking at this strange thing moving, it was much faster than the previous tricycle. Jin Ke was more and more convinced that Wei San was an expert’s child, and the car was probably made by an expert.

The last tricycle was demolished by Jin Ke’s tutor. There was no delicate structure. It had to rely on manpower to move. That was just strange. The teacher said it had no research value, and this was probably almost the same.

“I’m in Class A1. Which class are you in?” Jin Ke asked the Wei San riding in front.


Jin Ke was stunned: “Class B? Aren’t you a preparatory mecha engineering division student? How did you become a preparatory mecha fighter?”

“Can’t I?” Wei San asked calmly in return.

If it weren’t being forced by life, who wouldn’t be in the preparatory mecha engineering division?

“Fine, preparatory mecha fighters are pretty good as well.”

The two separated. Wei San found her class and found an empty seat to sit down in. She didn’t know what they would learn today.

The teacher was the same teacher. As soon as the bell rang, he stood on the podium and placed out the schedule.

After reading it, Wei San felt cool in her heart: weight-bearing running, fighting, dagger use……it was all physical training, and only one day was a culture class.

She’s a weak former engineer. Why does she have to learn this?


After more than half a month in 3212 Institute , Wei San felt that her way to make money was getting far away. The teacher’s task became heavier day by day. Every day after school, her hands and feet were shaking. She fell asleep as soon as she returned to the broken building. She didn’t want to think about anything else.

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More importantly, she heard that the monthly examination of Class A has not yet started. More than 200 students have taken the initiative to transfer to ordinary schools because they can’t afford the materials.

A qualified mecha engineer is accumulated through the use of countless amounts of money, which ordinary people simply can’t afford.

Currently, it’s impossible for Wei San to change her major, but fortunately, the school library was not divided, and people in Class B could also borrow books related to the mecha engineering division.

As a former top engineer, Wei San decided to do this for the time being. She could self-learn.

She has to find a time to ask Jin Ke what they learn in class.

“Today I’m going to teach you all how to hunt. Unfortunately, our 3212 Star is too poor to afford the holographic simulator, so please treat the students in front of you as prey and remember to use the means taught in the last class. If you lose, there’s no punishment, if you win……” the teacher then smiled, “there is no reward.”

As soon as the whistle sounded, the people in front of Wei San immediately rushed over and hugged her, trying to throw her to the ground.


With this fall, she would have to lie in bed for ten days to a half month. Although the school treatment cabin could make people lively in half an hour, she has no money!

Sorry, brother.

Wei San took two consecutive steps back, grabbed the other party’s hand, pulled hard and fell back. This was not over. To make the other party completely lose their movement ability, she could only unload his hand.

There were many howls on the field, and those seriously injured were immediately sent to the infirmary.

After her opponent conceded defeat, Wei San straightened up and felt desolate: this violent preparatory machine fighter.



The author has something to say: Wei · Weak · Engineer · San unloaded his classmate’s hand and sighed: this preparatory mecha fighter is really too violent.

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