SOOEW Chapter 267 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XLIV

Wen Ying seemed to break away from her nightmare. She looked much clearer, and there was no hatred when she looked at him.

“Forget it, what’s the meaning of what I say to you? After all, you’re not him, and I shouldn’t put my hatred for him on you.” She wiped away her tears and smiled lightly. “You’re much better than him.”

Yu Wenhong was suddenly stunned. He didn’t expect her to say such words.

In his opinion, this was a rebirth. Everyone has the same track as the previous life. Those who should betray him would still betray him, and those who would die for him would still do so. Therefore, he will retaliate on those people with his anger from before his death. However, she said that he was different from the other Yu Wenhong.

Then what about her?

She was obviously different from the Wen Ying in his previous life, and Zhizhi was……also different from them.

Yu Wenhong has been thinking about his conversation with Wen Ying for the past two days. It’s hard to sleep at night. He wanted to talk to her again, but he doesn’t know where to start. At this time, there was a sudden regional incident. There was an avalanche torrent in the mountainous areas. The Emperor was ready to let him experience it, so he gave full power for him to solve it. He didn’t have the energy to find Wen Ying in the moment and focused all his energy on the government.

After going down to the imperial court, he invited several relevant ministers to the East Palace. According to Yu Wenluo’s position, he was not qualified, but he had another prince status. On the surface, he still belonged to the Crown Prince’s team, so he was also among them.

In fact, Yu Wenhong experienced this incident in his last life. At that time, Yu Wenhong had a more prosperous scenery. It was handled by Yu Wenhong, which was also beautiful. However, the imperial envoy he appointed at that time was from his faction, and Yu Wenhong was not prepared to use his people to do things.

He glanced at the crowd and asked, “Every minister can speak freely if you have any opinions.”

This kind of flood was a seasonal emergency, which was customary in previous years. What the ministers said was not any different from previous years. They mostly ordered the central government to send an imperial envoy to the affected areas, cooperated with local officials to deal with the disaster, and then asked the army for help.

But among these voices, Yu Wenhong heard a unique inner monologue with his mind reading skills.

While the others were talking, he had already started to write in his heart, detailing the local situation in previous years, how to deal with it, what aspects to start with, and the temper and temperament of local officials. Yu Wenhong was delighted to hear that he could not only do practical things, but also knew how to be an official.

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However, when he found the “speaker”, he was suddenly stunned.

This man was no one else, but the imperial envoy appointed by Yu Wenyu at that time, Zuo Shilang of the Ministry of Household.

At the same time, in his left-hand position, Yu Wenluo’s heart was relaxed because of this serious thinking, so that he could hear it clearly.

【Although Zuo Shilang of the Ministry of Household belongs to second brother’s sector, he is diligent and hard-working. According to daily observation, he was only related to second brother through marriage and never participated in court struggles. This person could be used.】

Yu Wenhong’s eyebrows sank slightly and suddenly, he asked, “What does the sixth brother think?”

Yu Wenluo didn’t expect to be named, so he was stunned for a brief moment. Then he quickly stated his opinion. He didn’t recommend the Zuo chamberlain of the Ministry of Household, but he saw through the hesitation of the superior. He said: “If your highness is worried about the neglect of duty of the imperial envoy, why don’t you order another person to be an inspector and follow him around.”

As a leader, he must be sharp eyed, know people well, and be good at checks and balances.

Yu Wenhong stared at him for a moment and nodded in agreement with his suggestion.

Disaster management was not a difficult problem after all, but he found many problems of his own. He was made Crown Prince since he was a child, and the way of governing the country he learned had already made his thinking rigid. In addition, Yu Wenyu was the same age as him, and his mother was a favored imperial concubine. In those years, his father and Emperor almost abandoned and set up another post. When he was a child, the Empress often expressed concern that his position as Crown Prince was not stable. Therefore, the word “battle” has been completely rooted in his mind and cannot be removed.

He always thought that in his last life he trusted Yu Wenluo and handed over the general’s power to him, which finally led to his destruction. Therefore, he was still fighting in this life, but he did it more secretly.

Now, he suddenly felt uncertain whether his own ability was enough to be a monarch?

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