WFILTU Chapter 349 – Arrived IV

“Who are you looking for?” Xue Jiao asked, confused.

The two people froze for a long time and then said, “We’re sorry, we went the wrong way.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

Lin Zhihua reached his head out and asked Xue Jiao “Who is it?”

“They left. They said that they went the wrong way.” Xue Jiao was even more confused.

Lin Zhihua frowned slightly.

Outside the door, the Lin Couple who used all their abilities and connections to locate Lin Zhihua were a little confused.

“Old Lin, I remember it was here?”

“Our son moved away?”

“We’ve been here before, it was right here!”

“It’s impossible. Even if he moved away, he won’t give the house for others to live in.”

“Then why is there a girl in there?”

They looked at each other, and then their eyes lit up at the same time.

Inside the door, Xue Jiao went to prepare to blow her hair.

The door rang again.

The knock on the door was very soft, as if they were afraid of scaring someone.

When Xue Jiao opened the door, the couple just stood at the door and smiled brightly at her.

Their sight was first placed on her wet hair, then their sight moved inside and they noticed the figure that was cooking in the kitchen.

Father and Mother Lin smiled more brightly. Their eyes narrowed into a seam. Their eyes flashed with pure light and were full of joy.

Compared with their previous expressions, their expression now seemed to have suddenly hit 50 million.

Xue Jiao wondered “You guys are……”

“Darling, I’m Mom!”

“I’m dad!”

Xue Jiao “……”

Her face was frightened as if she had been struck by thunder, and then she said blankly, “You guys…… me……”

This couple…… have mental problems?

At this time, Lin Zhihua, who placed the stir fried vegetables on the plate, came out.

He frowned and asked the Lin parents, “You’ve just come back, yet you don’t watch your place? And want to go out again?”

Lin Zhihua sometimes wondered if the couple gave him their brains when they gave birth to him. Otherwise, why do they always do something inexplicable?

Mother Lin smiled brightly, and her eyes never left Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao was so numb from her that she moved her feet in embarrassment.

It turned out to be Lin Zhihua’s parents……

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She was wearing Lin Zhihua’s slippers. When Mother Lin saw it, she smiled and exposed her two rows of irregular teeth.

“Please come in……” Xue Jiao spoke in a low voice. It’s Lin Zhihua’s parents. She can’t shut them out now.

Lin Zhihua looked at them without much feeling.

Father and Mother Lin looked at each other and smiled.

“No, no, you go on. Have fun, girl. Mom and dad will go first. You’re too thin. Come home in a few days. Mom will cook soup for you to make up for your body! What soup do you want to drink? Great tonic!”

After they finished speaking, they left happily one after another and closed the door for them.

Xue Jiao was stunned and looked at Lin Zhihua with her head in a fog.

Lin Zhihua was helpless and only said, “Ignore them.”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh——”

Lin Zhihua’s parents…… don’t look normal

Xue Jiao blankly went to blow her hair. When it was half blown, she was stunned.

This Lin family’s parents, they wouldn’t have taken her as Lin Zhihua’s girlfriend, right!

Thinking of this, all she had left was chagrin.

They walked too fast for her to explain

Xue Jiao only cared about her chagrin and has temporarily forgotten her previous sadness and troubles.

And she didn’t even see this herself.

When she finished blowing her hair, Lin Zhihua had already cooked the food. The food was on the table waiting for her to eat.

Xue Jiao quickly walked over and looked at the dishes on the table. “You’re really getting better and better. What else can’t you do?”

She really began to worship Lin Zhihua. This man has a successful career. Learning from him will improve herself, and he was better than her.

He has a high IQ. He saw things very thoroughly, and could even do housework.

Such a man was really a decathlon.

Lin Zhihua smiled and pulled out her chair for her. “I’ve answered this question before and refused to answer it for the second time. Eat quickly. Time was tight, so I just made a few dishes.”

“This is still simple?!” Xue Jiao looked surprised.

One shredded pork with fish flavor, one fried green vegetables, and one egg soup.

Adding on the time to take a bath, it was less than an hour.

Lin Zhihua smiled and didn’t speak. He just kept clipping dishes for her.

“Try it?”

Xue Jiao took a bite and gave up a thumbs up “Excellent!”

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