WFILTU Chapter 350 – Arrived V

She was really hungry, but she wasn’t in the mood to eat before. Now she left her troubles behind so she became hungry.

They both ate very seriously. Lin Zhihua cooked the dishes himself. She ate them carefully, which was respect.

He clipped her vegetables from time to time and said a few words. The atmosphere was very good.

When Lin Zhihua saw that she seemed to have put behind her unhappiness and the person in the back of her mind, he smiled and raised his water glass. “I haven’t congratulated you on setting a new record on the college entrance examination.”

New record score?

She looked at him and said, “Lin Zhihua, if you had written your Chinese composition on the college entrance examination, the record would be yours. I can’t refresh it, even others cannot refresh it.”

If he wrote a composition, that would be the real immortal score.

Thinking of the college entrance examination, her thoughts floated to this morning……

Lin Zhihua paused for a moment and obviously found that her thoughts were drifting away, so he said——

“Do you know why I didn’t write a composition?”

As soon as his words fell to the ground, Xue Jiao’s thoughts immediately floated back. She looked at him and asked curiously “Why?”

“The Chinese paper of that year was called the simplest in history because the composition was very simple—— family affection.”

Xue Jiao was stunned. She suddenly thought about what Lin Zhihua had said before……

His parents hurt him, and his grandfather and second uncle attempted to murder him……

Lin Zhihua lowered his head and smiled with self mockery. “At that time, my father wanted to break the father son relationship with me, and my parents unintentionally hurt me. I was also young and energetic. No matter how calm I looked, I was also very sad and angry. So looking at the topic of family affection, I didn’t write, and I didn’t know what to write.”

Xue Jiao stared at him. To cut off the father son relationship……murder……

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Lin Zhihua’s family was much more excessive than Li Sitong.

Xue Jiao looked at him with some pain. Her voice was a little astringent and she didn’t know what to say.

“All my relatives, only when I was a child, my grandmother was kind to me, but she died early…… the rest of my relatives are hurting me under the banner of love.” Lin Zhihua’s voice was very calm and a little dry. This sentence seemed to be very difficult to say.

Xue Jiao had a bitter heart. She understood this feeling.

Once, she also faced such a scene. Fortunately, later, Cheng Shuo, this father, gradually understood her.

Together with Li Sitong, she began to reflect and change herself.

Xue Jiao dragged her chair over and moved a little closer to Lin Zhihua.

Then she reached out her little hand and tried to pat him on the back, her voice gentle——

“I’m not very good at comforting, but I remember you taught me that we have grown up. For such relatives, we can no longer ask for love, but we can also not pay them love. Only if we try not to care about them, they will no longer bring harm to us. We have the obligation to repay the grace of birth and maintenance, but we also have the right to not pay with love.”

Her eyes were serious and concerned.

Unlike Lin Zhihua’s dark eyes, her eyes were crystal clear.

Lin Zhihua looked at her eyes and felt the comfort of her hand.

“Alright……” He displayed a smile.

Xue Jiao also exposed a smile.

Lin Zhihua inhaled deeply, stood up and prepared to clean up the dishes and chopsticks.

Xue Jiao also stood up and said anxiously, “You’ve cooked the meal. Let me wash the dishes!”

Her voice was very urgent and her eyes were serious. Lin Zhihua looked at her, smiled and nodded, “Alright, then I’ll have to trouble you.”

Xue Jiao smiled and said, “Take a break first. Don’t think about those unpleasant things. Let’s talk about the book you sent me!”

“Good……” Lin Zhihua walked to the kitchen door.

While cleaning up, Xue Jiao said, “In fact, I also like the book of Pride and Prejudice, its components……”

Lin Zhihua leaned against the door and looked at her with a smile.

He knew she wanted to comfort him.

In fact, he hasn’t needed comfort for a long time already.

Those uncomfortable and young irritability have already turned into indifferent nonchalance. Time was a terrible and ruthless thing.

But if these past events could make her distressed for him and make her forget her unhappiness……

Lin Zhihua doesn’t mind “selling miserable”.

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  1. “We have the obligation to repay the grace of birth and maintenance, but we also have the right to not pay with love”: Well said !

    • Wouldn’t say you have to repay the grace of birth and maintenance either, for people like her biological father, it’s better to treat them like they’re dead.

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