SAPPS Chapter 10

Seven years later, Wei San was still the poor Wei San. She didn’t discover any way to get rich at all.

The world was too fucking daddy. Science and technology were highly developed. There was basically no market here for what Wei San could do. The first time she went to the city to sell the tricycle, it was entirely because Jin Ke was curious. Later, Jin Ke said that he doesn’t buy it.

What’s more, she occasionally wanted to rub some bonuses from Jin Ke at school. This one always had an unfathomable expression of “I know”, and then walked away with the food in his arms.

As she was too young, she also couldn’t work in a store. She managed to survive by repairing household machines on the weekends.

However, because most household machines have a warranty, her maintenance scope was limited and she earned very little money.

This was still the ‘job’ she worked hard to find.

With the tuition fee for each semester, plus the daily food and drink and the energy cost of the “electric bike”, Wei San lived a tight life. She did not leave the abandoned building near the dump, but added some second-hand furniture to improve the living environment.

Although it was like this. Wei San didn’t give up her self-studies to enter the mecha engineering division. She read all the books related to mecha in the library. She couldn’t afford to buy materials for practical operation, so she simulated it in her mind.


“It’s here.” Jin Ke stood at the door and waved to Wei San.

Wei San came to help Jin Ke repair his music box. He said it was an antique. It was useless after ringing for a few days.

“It can be repaired.” Wei San received it and took a look.

Jin Ke raised his hand to transfer money to Wei San. She stopped him: “50% off.”

“The sun came out from the west side?”1*Chinese saying that the sun came out from the opposite side of where it should, as in, this is something that’s inconceivable

“I have a request. Lend me the book you read the other day for two days.” Wei San had read all the books in the library. She couldn’t afford new books. Books in this world were very expensive.

“Alright.” Jin Ke re-entered the star currency amount.

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When Wei San repaired the music box, Jin Ke designed the mecha joint next to him. This was his homework for the next big exam.

“You chose the wrong bearing.” Wei San glanced at him, lowered her head and reassembled the disassembled music box.

Jin Ke paused, “That’s what the book says to do.”

Wei San tutted, but her hand moved quickly: “I see that you are very flexible at ordinary times, yet you are so stupid when it comes to mechas. Commanding may be more suitable for you.”

She just spoke casually, but Jin Ke placed down the unformed mecha joint in his hand: “You’re right, the mecha engineering division may not be suitable for me.”

When the last screw was installed, Wei San turned on the switch, and the music box immediately played music.

Wei San whistled, “All done.”

She turned to Jin Ke and said, “What did you just say?”

Jin Ke suddenly got up: “I decided to study command! A smart person like me can’t have no achievements.”

Wei San glanced at him: “3212 Institute  doesn’t have this major.”

“Star 3212 doesn’t, but the other big stars must have. I want to move and transfer.” Jin Ke immediately called out to his parents.

“What’s the matter?” The Jin couple came in and asked.

“Mom and Dad, today we will move to Liu Ji Star. I want to study command.”

“Ah?” Father Jin was stunned for a moment and nodded, “Alright, if you want to go then go.”

When Wen San first met Jin Ke seven years ago, his family was still a traditional company specialized in dealing with the garbage in 3212. On this 3212 star, they were a small rich family. As a result, under the reform led by Jin Ke in recent years, the Jin family has stepped out of Star 3212. It was said that they had mastered one-third of the federal waste treatment business, and there was a trend of expansion. They were very rich.

Although Jin Ke was as stingy as ever.

In contrast, the adult soul of Wei San was simply weak.

“Then I’ll head to pack up.” Mother Jin was prepared to turn around and leave.

“Mom, no, we’ll go now and catch up with the star ship. We’ll buy things there.” Jin Ke spoke flamboyantly. In these past seven years, he has been fighting against the mecha engineering division, relying on his unforgettable memory to barely keep up with the progress of the school, but he didn’t think that he might be more suitable for command.

The family said they would go and they left. The aircraft was waiting in mid-air.

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  1. Woah wha! Jin ke, how dare you leave your good friend behind?? Don’t tell me you still think she’s an OP criminal mastermind after seven years???

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  2. Everything is so abrupt…feeling like a list of events to check off, there’s nothing being developed story or character wise…lazy writing🤨 it could’ve been much better than it is … Sadly the potential is wasted…

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