SOOEW Chapter 268 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XLV

When he had deep doubts, he found Wen Ying sitting in the corridor.

Ever since this Wen Ying came, he had slept in separate rooms with her, so it’s normal not to see her for several days. When he met her today, he remembered their conversation from more than ten days ago.

Wen Ying sat on the porch to bask in the sun. Today’s sun was particularly tender. She narrowed her eyes lazily and looked into the sky under the canopy built by her hand.

“What are you looking at?” Yu Wenhong approached and asked.

“Looking at the sky.” She maintained her posture and didn’t greet him. She just said under his puzzled expression, “Whether it’s the cold palace or the back house, the days are very boring. It seems that there’s nothing else to do except struggle. Only the sky will bring you changes and surprises.”

Only white clouds wandered in the air. Such a quiet and boring picture was called change and surprise by her.

Yu Wenhong looked with her, and his eyes fell on her again. He suddenly asked, “You said last time that I was different from him. What……was he like?”

She placed down her hand, patted the corner of her skirt, thinking and saying: “……if I really were to say something, I think he was like the devil, crawling out of hell and hating everything in the world. Everyone has a purpose and a plan in their heart. He doesn’t even trust Wu Yuzhen completely, otherwise he won’t send someone to investigate her. Even if there was no betrayal, he would be alone in the end, because he would kill all people before others betray him. “Speaking up to here, she started laughing as if it were funny.

Yu Wenhong was silent for a moment and asked, “He finally became the Emperor, so how about the country he governs……”

“Why do you think he came to the cold palace to find me?” She glanced at him with cold eyes, but she didn’t have a good meaning in her smile, “Such a big dynasty was almost destroyed in his hands. He became the king only a few years ago, but because of his skill of checks and balances, there were many parties, endless struggles and a miasma in the court. However, his desire to control anyone and everything reached a terrible level. They said that he would not be subject to military orders abroad. However, he could not rest assured that the power of the general would be handed over to one person. In the war against foreign races, he was very happy. It was not enough to send several supervisors, but he also gave orders arbitrarily, which restricted the senior general. Pingcheng was in a hurry, but the rear was in a hurry because of the quarrel between the supervisors. The emperor’s order was not given, the rescue was not urgent, and 300000 soldiers were trapped to their deaths in the city……”

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“Three hundred thousand,” She repeated softly, looking at him again, “His expression at that time was somewhat similar to that of you now, but he was more depressed than you, and was close to the verge of collapse. This was perhaps the biggest mistake he had made in his life. 300000 human lives were bleeding on him, and he couldn’t sleep all night. Even so, there was no one around him who could share his worries and relieve him, so he had to find me, the one who had watched him since the time of the hidden dragon. He came over, and he came to plead guilty to the person he hated to death.”

Yu Wenhong was already shocked by what she said, and the picture of war in his mind made him sweat on his back.

After a long time, he whispered, “Plead guilt……this word……is also appropriate.”

He saw her smile without saying anything, but he found that the end of that life was far crueler than the first life he had experienced. After a moment, he didn’t know what to say.

In the end, he could only ask her, “He was the one who killed 300000 soldiers, but he killed you to relieve his depression. Do you hate him?”

“I often think that I probably owe him in my last life, so that only in this life could I have such a situation.”

She smiled, but it made him feel cold.

She didn’t answer whether she hated him or not, but patted the corner of her skirt, just like brushing away the dust on it and the memory like dust, and stood up.

After the chat in the corridor, Wen Ying felt that all the information she wanted to convey had been delivered. The rest only depended on the extent to which Yu Wenhong could think of.

Originally, she should be restored to Zhizhi’s character, but she suddenly found it difficult to get rid of her current role, because the heavy memory brought a burden to her, making it difficult for her to return to a carefree state.

The second reincarnation of Wen Ying even made her feel more painful than the first reincarnation.

In fact, the outcome of the first original owner was not good. She couldn’t cope with the dispute in the back house. She worked for him under Yu Wenluo’s sweet words, and was framed by the Empress. She was pregnant with Yu Wenluo’s child. Yu Wenluo didn’t fulfill his promise to protect her peace for all her life. She was like a flower to be taken care of carefully. She decayed rapidly in the struggle of the back house and died in a palace like the cold palace.

In the second reincarnation, she did nothing. Her existence was a burden. She was fully utilized, but was removed. She was smarter than the first Wen Ying. She knew that Yu Wenluo was not sincere, but she was greedy for his tenderness and jumped up like a moth to the fire. Besides this road to death, she had no other choice.

After trying for several days, she couldn’t adjust her state. Wen Ying had to go outside to dissipate her depressed mood.

Just as she was feeding fish by the carp pond, she met Yu Wenyu.

Yu Wenyu hesitated for a moment before coming up to say her greetings: “……It’s a coincidence to meet elder imperial sister-in-law again.”

Wen Ying glanced at him, “Don’t worry, I know you’re not dead.”

Yu Wenyu: “……Elder imperial sister-in-law Huang is clear.”

“But sooner or later, you will die.” She leaned against the railing and looked at the fish in the water calmly. “I just hope you won’t suffer from a thousand cuts to death in this life. At least you can die more easily.”

Yu Wenyu closed his eyes.

Elder imperial sister-in-law, just say it. Where on earth did I offend you?!


Small theater:

Yu Wenyu: What should I do when the goddess becomes a goddess of death?

Yu Wenhong: It’s time to test your loyalty! !

Yu Wenyu: ……. (Affectionate) I hope my death will make her happy.

Yu Wenhong: Vomit——

Yu Wenyu: …….I don’t have a big brother like you!

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