WFILTU Chapter 351 – Arrived VI

Caught in the rain yet had a full meal.

After washing the dishes, those melancholy and troubles really seem to be forgotten by Xue Jiao.

She went out of the kitchen and wiped her hands. “Then Lin Zhihua, I’ll go back first.”

“En, I’ll send you.” Lin Zhihua took the key.

“No, I can……”

“I want to send you, I feel uneasy.” Lin Zhihua is very serious.

Xue Jiao smiled and shook her head. “I won’t even get lost……”

His attitude was so tough that she had to respond positively.

They went downstairs together. Lin Zhihua drove. Xue Jiao sat next to him with her head leaning against the window.

“What are you thinking?” Lin Zhihua glanced at her from the corner of his eyes.

Xue Jiao raised her head, shook her head and said, “I miss this city.”

Lin Zhihua raised his eyebrows and said “Can’t bear it?”

“A little.” Xue Jiao nodded. She was in this city when she arrived. Now she has to leave, but she still has some reluctance.

She suddenly thought of something and looked at Lin Zhihua. “We’re leaving at 2 p.m. tomorrow.”

“Such a coincidence?” Lin Zhihua raised his eyebrows.

Xue Jiao was stunned, what does it mean? Coincidence?

“I am also two o’clock tomorrow. Will you fly or drive by yourself?”

Xue Jiao replied lost in thought, “By plane, dad said it’s too far. As for the car, Uncle Xing and one of his friends can drive there.”

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Yes, Lin Zhihua’s company is in Beijing. He only comes back here occasionally.

“Do we have the same time? My flight is 2:15.”

The radian of Lin Zhihua’s mouth becomes larger “it’s really fate……”

He bit the final word “fate” a little harshly.

Then he smiled, “Would you mind introducing this friend to your family?”

Xue Jiao quickly shook her head, hesitated, and then said, “I don’t mind, but……my father may be surprised……”

Cheng Shuo has always admired Lin Zhihua and respected him very much. Don’t know at that time……

But she has always wanted to formally introduce Lin Zhihua to Cheng Shuo, this mentor and friend who has helped her a lot.

Lin Zhihua was in a good mood and the depression in the morning completely dispersed.

At this time, the car happened to arrive outside Xue Jiao’s house. Lin Zhihua stopped and opened the door——

“Here we are. See you at two tomorrow.”

Xue Jiao got off the bus and said, “OK, see you at two tomorrow.”

Lin Zhihua continues to look at her back. The little girl looks small, but her heart is still very strong.

She has a soft heart and is good to everyone.

As long as others look for her, she usually won’t refuse.


She seems to have never experienced too much warmth since she was a child, and she seems a little distant from everything.

Lin Zhihua is sure that if he tells Xue Jiao now, he likes her.

She may immediately shrink away.

Lin Zhihua had this understanding, so there has been no action, but the scene that happened with Yi Tianyu this morning……

He realized that the heart of Xue Jiao was thicker than he thought. She was cautious and scared.

It will take some time to walk in.

Taking out his cell, he made a phone call——

“Secretary Chen, help me book a flight for 2:15 tomorrow afternoon.”

Fate, can be premeditated.

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