SAPPS Chapter 12

Taking out the materials from the car basket, Wei San walked quickly to the studio.

She was going to create a mini mecha trainer. She couldn’t afford Youjin, so she bought You Jin with a similar performance. Just from its name, it can be perceived to be fake. Even so, it took her quite a long time to buy a small lump1*YouJin and You Jin sound similar but are different Chinese characters so to differentiate, one will be combined and the other separated

All the knowledge of mecha was in the hands of the federal government. Before entering the military academy, nothing useful could be found on the ordinary light brain web. For example, Wei San has learned all the books in the 3212 school library in the past seven years, and the level of mecha that could be made was only as high as that of the preparatory mecha engineering division.

Fortunately, in her original world, Wei San had a deep theory of mecha, but there was a lack of special material like Youjin, so today she wanted to create a mini mecha, which not only looked like a complete mecha, but also attacks. It’s just that the money was limited. It’s estimated that it’s more than ten centimeters high. It’s a real·mini mecha.

Sitting at the table, Wei San quickly assembled the mecha shell with her head down. These sequences were deeply engraved in her mind and could be assembled with her eyes closed. The most important part was on her left hand. The laser gun she spent a year making could penetrate ordinary metals and guns, but it had no effect on Youjin.

After everything was assembled, Wei San walked out of the studio with the mecha, pressed the control switch and let the mini mecha shoot at the wall.

When the laser gun hit the wall, there was a hole in an instant.

Wei San lowered her head and continued to press it. Another hole appeared in the wall. When she pressed it again, the mini mecha gun had no response.

Wei San tutted. With only two shots, there was not enough laser energy.

The end of this poor life couldn’t be seen at a glance.

She sighed and turned to go back to the studio.


Hearing a slight voice, Wei San: “……”

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No way, it’s just two holes. The wall shouldn’t fall down.

Wei San, who had just comforted herself, immediately heard countless “Kacha”, and then the wall behind her fell to the ground. The floor of the whole abandoned building was shaking, and the splashed dust made her cough.

Wei San raised her arm to cover her mouth and nose, turned her head and looked back.

At this look, her cold sweat suddenly came out.

——Behind the wall was a red eyed monster about three meters high.

At that moment, Wei San thought of a word: Zerg.

This thing was a bit like a mutated enlarged version of the wolf, panting and staring at Wei San with bloody red eyes.

Without time to think about why this kind of thing appeared here, Wei San immediately ran away, but the mutant beast soon caught up.

Listening to the sound of the air breaking from behind, Wei San suddenly stopped, instinctively rolled around and successfully avoided the attack. Unexpectedly, the next second the mutant animal waved another claw. She couldn’t dodge and was scratched on her back.

Wei San didn’t have time to feel the pain. She ran desperately to the studio and caught a knife.

At this moment, the mutant beast has been pressing in. Wei San had no way to retreat. When it was deeply biting over, she aimed at the opportunity, jumped up through the wall and stabbed the knife into the mutant beast’s eyes.


The mutant beast roared at Wei San, and the smell came to her face, and his claws beat Wei San flying.

Wei San felt that she was almost broken. She tried to get up, but failed. She had to lie on the ground and watch the mutant beast come.

If she had known it, she would have worked harder when she was training, Engineer Wei seldom regretted it.

The mutant beast bit again. Just when Wei San thought she was going to die, the mutant beast’s head suddenly fell off and splashed her with blood.

Wei San: “……”

Shit, the blood in this thing really stunk!


The author has something to say: Wei San: The road to wealth that was spoken about was gone and doesn’t count. She’s almost dead now.

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