WFILTU Chapter 353 – Friend I

Hearing Xue Jiao say that her friend is coming, Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong subconsciously looked up.

Cheng Shuo looked around and didn’t see the friend of Xue Jiao.

Instead, there was……

“Lin Zhihua?!”

Cheng Shuo’s eyes brightened. He raised his feet and walked over quickly. “Hello, Boss Lin! I’m Cheng Shuo from Pengcheng.”

He was unexpectedly warm. Of course, there were two reasons why he greeted Lin Zhihua so warmly. One was that he worships Lin Zhihua very much.

There was also a very normal but embarrassing reason, and that is—— friends.

He knew that a big boss like Lin would not care about his small company, especially Lin Zhihua, who was famous for his cold face.

But Cheng Shuo thought it out very well. He just wanted to brush his sense of existence. He didn’t expect anything.

You may not like me, but you can’t hate me for it?

After the company moved to Beijing, it’s not impossible to take on a Lin project. It’s always good to become more familiar now.

Although Mingze and Xue Jiao didn’t say they need his financial support in the future, which father doesn’t want their children to live well?

He still had to work hard for this goal.

Even for this, he should please his idol.

In the past, Cheng Shuo wouldn’t be able rush up at the airport to say hello.

Lin Zhihua was stunned for a moment, and then saw that Xue Jiao couldn’t bear to look straight at his face, and he suddenly smiled.

“Hello, Uncle Cheng. I am Lin Zhihua.”

Uncle Cheng?

For a moment, Cheng Shuo thought he had heard wrong.

In fact, it’s no problem for Lin Zhihua to call him uncle at his age, but the key was Lin Zhihua’s identity. How can he call him, a little boss, uncle?

It’s not related to relatives or enemies?

Cheng Shuo was still confused and even doubted whether he was sleepwalking.

But then, Lin Zhihua’s words, like a thunder on the ground, fiercely pierced him——

“Also a friend of Xue Jiao.”

Cheng Shuo: “……” ???

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Subconsciously, he looked back at the person who stood behind him, winking at him, pretending to look innocent Xue Jiao.

He looked at the person in front of him who normally had a cold face. Now he looked at him seriously with a smile.

Cheng Shuo: This situation……seems not right……

For a moment, Cheng Shuo thought the scene was like when a son-in-law met his father-in-law……

In an instant, he withdrew his hand and his face was cold.

“Boss Lin, you are the mentor in her mind who has been helping Jiao Jiao?”


These two words are a little hard.

Lin Zhihua slightly raised his eyebrows. Cheng Shuo was emphasizing seniority.

He continued to raise his mouth slightly, “I don’t dare. Jiao Jiao saved me. I have a deep fate with Jiao Jiao, and we are also good friends.”

Cheng Shuo laughed on the surface and said, “Thank you very much. Our Cheng family will remember your great kindness to Jiao Jiao.”

“Jiao Jiao and I help each other simultaneously. It’s nothing. Uncle Cheng, you’re welcome.” Lin Zhihua also smiled.

Cheng Shuo: “……”

What else do you want me to say, while you open and close your mouth to Uncle Cheng???

“It’s time to board, Uncle Cheng, let’s go.”

Uncle Cheng: “…… Let’s go.”

The party got on the plane together. The position was very opportune. Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong were in front, and Xue Jiao and Lin Zhihua were behind.

Cheng Shuo sat for a while and looked back. He sat for a while and looked back.

Li Sitong pulled at him with a frightened look. “Jiao Jiao’s friend is Lin Zhihua?”

She lowered her voice with disbelief.

Cheng Shuo was also surprised, but he was sensitive as a man.

“This man…… has an impure purpose!”

Li Sitong frowned and wondered “What purpose?”

Cheng Shuo looked at Xue Jiao who was teased into laughter by Lin Zhihua behind his eyes, and looked at Li Sitong with a blank face next to his eyes.

“…… No purpose.”

He finally knew where……the low EQ of Jiao Jiao came from.

In the back row, Xue Jiao was really laughing.

Because Lin Zhihua just said, “I called him Uncle Cheng. Does your father…… want me to call him brother?”

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  1. Papa Chen knows and doesn’t like it, she is his jiao jiao

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  3. He doesn’t even like YT, why would he likes this much older dude trying to be ‘friend’ with his daughter.

    • Quick reminder for your bad biased memories that neither of her brother or stepfather liked YTY either.

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