WFILTU Chapter 354 – Friend II

Xue Jiao didn’t know why she was poked into a smile. She covered her mouth and smiled, “Who makes you not laugh at ordinary times, and have a strong strength. My father tacitly approve that you are a peer.”

Lin Zhihua straightened his collar, tilted his head and spoke in Xue Jiao’s ear, “That’s your father’s bad eyes. He can feel that I am old when I look like this?”

Xue Jiao turned her head and stared at him.

But…… Lin Zhihua does have a fine appearance.

“Don’t slander my father!” Her eyes turned and she spoke with a smile at Lin Zhihua. “Uncle, don’t slander my father.”

Lin Zhihua: “……”

“All right, you won.”

Xue Jiao covered her mouth and laughed even more merrily.

Lin Zhihua looked at her and smiled.

It was so nice that she was happy because of him.

In the front row, Cheng Shuo turned his head and looked at it, inexplicably having a toothache.

He poked Li Sitong and said seriously, “In the evening, you should speak to Xue Jiao to keep a distance from men, especially those who are old.”

“Lin Zhihua seems to be less than three…… good.” Li Sitong saw the actions behind them and changed her tone silently.

After a moment, she added a phrase, “Lin Zhihua looks so good.”

Women, no matter what age, could still appreciate handsome men.

When Cheng Shuo saw Li Sitong’s appraising expression, his face became even more ugly.

After a moment, he took out his phone and looked at it.

Besides being older than Lin Zhihua, he shouldn’t be uglier than……him?


A group of four people arrived in Beijing under a strange atmosphere.

When they were almost getting off the plane, Cheng Shuo smiled and said, “Boss Lin is very busy, so we won’t keep you.”

Lin Zhihua looked at Xue Jiao and smiled. “See you next time.”

“……Ok.” I don’t want to see you next time.

Li Sitong was very satisfied with Lin Zhihua and waved, “Boss Lin, come visit when you have a chance to in the future.”

She knew that Cheng Shuo was far inferior to Lin Zhihua in business. As the Madam, she naturally wanted to help Cheng Shuo make friends with a smile.

Obviously, she didn’t expect that Cheng Shuo didn’t want to get to know Lin Zhihua at all.

“For sure.” Lin Zhihua replied.

Cheng Shuo: “……”

With that, Lin Zhihua finally left.

Cheng Shuo began to stare at Xue Jiao and glared at her, “Tell the truth.”

Xue Jiao smiled ingratiatingly, and then explained it in detail. They didn’t finish speaking until they got in the car.

Cheng Shuo was silent for a moment. He still had to nod and admit.

“Alright, you’re pretty honest.”

At this time, Xue Jiao’s cell phone rang.


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A familiar voice came from the other end of the phone, “Gu Xuejiao, I’m Teacher Yin.”

Xue Jiao was slightly surprised. It was Yin Fang who was looking for her?

“Teacher Yin, what can I do for you?”

Yin Fang smiled on the other end of the phone and was helpless. “There are two things. One is the bonus for such a good performance this time……”

Xue Jiao’s eyes lit up and she said happily, “There’s also a bonus, Teacher Yin!”

“Of course, there are some issued by the province, the city, educational organizations and our school. The total amount must exceed 100,000! When will you be free to go back to school to collect it?”

“This……” Xue Jiao hesitated.

At the other end of the phone, Yin Fang heard it and wondered, “What’s the matter? Is there any difficulty?”

“We have moved and are now in Beijing……”

“It’s like this oh,” Yin Fang’s voice also hesitated, “Why don’t I connect with the school and see if they can transfer it to you?”

“Alright, Teacher Yin has worked hard!” Xue Jiao’s voice was grateful.

In fact, she can go back and get it by herself, but…… she doesn’t want to go back.

Those things that have happened, those feelings that have died without illness, should go away with her departure.

She and Yi Tianyu were not suitable. Why go back and add sorrow.

Xue Jiao shook her head and pulled back her drifting thoughts. “Teacher Yin, what’s the second thing?”

Yin Fang looked at the girl who kept hinting in front of her and said helplessly, “A reporter must interview you. I was stopped by her……”

“Well……I don’t want to be interviewed……” Xue Jiao scratched her head and still refused.

The reporter couldn’t help shouting, “Gu Xuejiao! I’ll do an oral interview! You don’t have to expose your face, I beg you.”

Xue Jiao heard her urgency and had some helplessness. “Why do you have to interview me?”

Yin Fang simply handed the phone to the reporter, and the other party said eagerly and straightforwardly, “You are very hot now. Our editor in chief said that whoever can interview you will have a bonus! I am still an intern reporter, and I should be able to become a regular directly after this interview!”

This was probably the first reporter to say it so frankly……

Recently, many people wanted to interview her, especially when she didn’t accept the interview, which seemed to make her news value higher all of a sudden.

Xue Jiao heard this, but said, “Alright then, I’ll accept your interview.”

The reporter’s voice sounded very young, carrying the hard work of young people.

Xue Jiao made an appointment with her as the other party would be coming to Beijing.

She thought the telephone interview was ok, but the reporter said it was at the public expense. She just happened to be heading to Beijing.

Xue Jiao also just promised.

After hanging up the phone, Yin Fang looked helpless, “Reporter Ye, is this alright?”

“Ok, you’ve worked hard!” Reporter Ye kept bowing and giving her thanks.

Yin Fang was helpless. The girl stopped her next to the school and begged her to contact Gu Xuejiao for an interview……

Yin Fang left, and Reporter Ye also left.

Next to the tree, the man on the bench sat there foolishly.

His clothes don’t look bad. It was an expensive brand, but it was old, wrinkled and his hair was messy.

The fatigue and aging between the eyebrows and eyes made this middle-aged man look a lot older.

He was Gu Jingxu.

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