SAPPS Chapter 13

At first, Wei San was covered with dust, and now she was splashed with blood all over her face. With three deep claw marks on her abdomen, lying on the ground was no different from dying.

At this time, a cold silver mecha flew in from mid air and stopped near the mutant beast. Then a blonde boy jumped out. He glanced at the mutant beast. He didn’t respond when he saw Wei San lying on the ground. It was like the superior saw a dying ant and was indifferent.

“There may be gray crystals here.”

Another young man came in a mecha. Different from the blonde boy in a combat suit just now, his eyes were clear, and his long black hair was draped behind him, like the best soft satin. His skin color was as white as jade, but his lips with a beautiful shape were pale.

If it weren’t for the fact that Wei San was lying on the ground and couldn’t move, she would have to whistle and praise what a beautiful boy.

At a glance, Wei San knew that the person in front’s mecha was a real combat mecha. The armor of the person behind should not have strong attack power, but very strong defense.

Star 3212 had such few ornamental mecha that it was pitiful. In those years, the store displayed three mecha, and only one was sold in the past seven years.

These two people were definitely not from Star 3212.

The blonde boy went to a place, smashed the wall, took out a fist sized Gray Crystal and placed it into his pocket: “No wonder it ran here.”

“It’s time to go.” The dark haired boy said faintly.

“I even thought how much power Zerg had, but they are just so so.”

“Cub status, combat effectiveness is less than 20%

The blonde glanced at the light brain, took out his handkerchief and wiped his hands: “They are looking for us over there.”

They re-entered the mecha and left. From beginning to end, no one cared about the seriously injured Wei San lying on the ground.

Wei San wanted to faint, but the surroundings stank.

After she thought about it in her brain, Wei San gritted her teeth and dialed the light brain of Teacher Li Pi.

“What kind of shit?”

As soon as Li Pi connected his brain, he saw a bloody person lying on the ground, and his accent came out subconsciously.

“Teacher, cough……save me.”

“Wei San? Where are you? What’s the matter?”

Wei San reported the address in one breath. Finally, she fainted. She didn’t know whether she lost too much blood and became unconscious or if it was too smelly.


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“Are you awake?”

When Wei San opened her eyes and saw the teacher sitting next to her, she paused for a while and subconsciously reached out to touch her abdomen.

“It didn’t leave scars.” Li Pi didn’t speak in a good tone. “I wouldn’t know that the usual you had such courage to live in that place alone.”

Wei San sat up from the treatment cabin: “Those kinds of places don’t require money.”

“Is money important or is life more important?” Li Pi questioned her, “why do you think that building is abandoned?”

Wei San shook her head.

“Although the Federation is peaceful now, there are still sporadic Zergs emerging in some places. There was a Zerg attack when the building was built, so it was directly abandoned.” Speaking of this, Li Pi doesn’t look very good.

“Locations where Zerg have appeared,  would be abandoned?”

“If there is the ability to protect then it naturally would not be abandoned. Do you think our Star 3212 has this strength?” Li Pi frowned, “However, there was a beast tide in those years, resulting in a Zerg breaking through the protection and entering the Star 3212. How could a Zerg suddenly appear this time?”

When Wei San stepped out of the treatment cabin, her injuries had completely disappeared. She didn’t feel anything except the pain left in her memory. She turned her arm. “I saw two men about my age driving a combat mecha today.”

“I see……no wonder the Zerg is dead.” Li Pi frowned badly and said, “It’s the game of these people again.”

“What game?”

Li Pi strongly endured his anger: “Before entering the military academy, some powerful and rich children will find Zergs to practice with on a barren star. They say it’s a real battle, but those people’s definition of a barren star is different from ours, and they don’t care about the life and death of the people on the little star.”

Wei San thought of the blonde’s eyes, and didn’t think the teacher spoke wrongly.

“That’s how my friend’s family was destroyed.”

“This has happened before on Star 3212?” Wei San asked in surprise.

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