SOOEW Chapter 271 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XLVIII

Yu Wenyu suddenly reacted. This cheeky person seldom coughed lightly. He just looked away, but he secretly looked at her again.

She hasn’t laughed all day today. It’s very different from her previous appearance, but even now she smiled differently. In the past, her smiling eyes were curved like crescent moon, brilliant and cunning. Now her smiling appearance seemed as if the shell was quietly opened, revealing a shallow gap, and the hidden pearls were faintly visible, which made people want to protect it more than ever before.

He looked over again unknowingly.

She asked him, “What’s the view you speak of?”

“It should be about this time……”

He was still talking. The next second, smoke suddenly lit up the sky. Then she heard a “bang”, and a large gorgeous fireworks exploded in the night. Then the “bang bang” rang, and the colorful flowers shone a bright fire in the dark sky. On the most boring night, there was a sudden surprise.

Wen Ying looked up and was stunned.

“Look, elder imperial sister-in-law——” Yu Wenyu joked, pointing to a pair of people in the pavilion opposite, “Look, see how tired Little Four is. Isn’t he just celebrating his consort’s birthday? He made a big fuss and asked father for instructions before he was allowed to set off fireworks in the palace. Well, he gave us a bone. We got this cheap……”

He turned his head and suddenly realized that she was crying unconsciously!

“What’s the matter?” he looked at the tears in her eyes at a loss. After a moment, he thought that she was in a bad mood because Yu Wenhong ignored her. At present, looking at the two people’s kindness and love, didn’t it remind her of her sadness?

His body was stiff and his head hung down in frustration. “I was wrong. I didn’t expect……I just wanted to make you happy.”

“How could you be wrong?” She took a distracted look at him, still looking up at the colorful sky. “Thank you, I’m very happy.”

In other words, tears still flowed down her cheeks. The more he didn’t understand, the more she wanted to laugh. The mood blocked in her heart was also relieved bit by bit, as if the person had fulfilled a wish and she suddenly relaxed.

“Really, truly?” He looked back in amazement.

She wiped away her tears and smiled sincerely, her eyebrows as bright as a crescent moon.


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Instead, he was stunned. There was no reason in his heart, but he was a little disappointed.

When Wen Ying returned to the East Palace, because it was completely dark, she refused to be accompanied by Yu Wenyu. It was good to say that it was too late to explain, but when she walked quickly to a corner, an eunuch suddenly appeared. When he saw her, he stopped her. “Princess, please stay. The Empress has invited you to the Zhongcui palace for a chat.”

She looked at the sky and felt something had happened.

When she saw Wu Yuzhen sitting on one side of the Zhongcui palace, this hunch naturally became a “sure enough” psychology.

The Empress sat upright at the head, frowning, and her expression could be called ugly.

Wen Ying saluted her. Wu Yuzhen also stood up and saluted her, but the Empress didn’t ask her to sit down. One of them stood in front of the hall and the other next to the Empress. They were in a clear position. Virtually, it seemed that she was a little shorter and different from the other.

The Empress asked softly, “Where has the Crown Princess gone just now?”

Without thinking, she spoke truthfully, “I went to Jinghu Lake.”

“What did you do?”

“The Fourth Highness set off fireworks, and I followed along to watch.”

“Look at the fireworks? Who are you going to watch the fireworks with?” The Empress’s eyebrows became more and more fierce. Before Wen Ying spoke, she suddenly slammed the tea cup on the high table and made a crisp sound, “Does the Crown Princess know how to write the word solemn? There have been a lot of rumors in the palace recently, and this palace didn’t take it seriously, but someone saw you pushing and pulling with a man today. How messy! You say it, what’s the matter?”


Wen Ying looked at Wu Yuzhen and the other party nodded and smiled at her.

“Responding to Empress Mother, I……”

She had just started, and suddenly a call came from behind. Then Yu Wenhong walked into the room with big steps.

“Empress mother——” he casually untied his cloak and threw it to the palace attendant. He first saluted very respectfully, and then immediately said, “Son has been waiting for the Crown Princess to arrive. I heard that she was invited by the Empress Mother. What’s the matter, Empress Mother?”

When the Empress saw him, her temper slowed down. She told him about the matter and said, “Empress mother also doesn’t want to believe it, but Yuzhen also heard it. It can be proved.”

She thought he would be furious the next second. After all, which man can stand a woman giving themselves a green hat to wear?

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