WFILTU Chapter 355 – Friend III

The Gu Xuejiao in their mouths’……biological father.

Gu Jingxu looked up at the banner not far away. It was the most glorious honor of Qizhong school this year.

Gu Xuejiao, who scored 731 points, set a new record and even became the glory of the whole Qizhong school and the whole city……

Reporters competed for interviews, and the bonus was more than 100,000……

In the past, 100,000 was nothing to him, but now, 100,000 was a big number to him.

His abandoned daughter was now in glory.

The daughter he chose was now abroad and couldn’t even come back.

He…… really chose the wrong one?

Two daughters, one was a little stupid, the other schemed deeply. Why was he wrong when he chose the schemingly deep one?

Xue Jiao probably…… won’t recognize him now?

Gu Jingxu stood up and stumbled to a community.

It was a dilapidated community. If Xue Jiao were here, she would be surprised. When Gu Jingxu went bankrupt, what she left in his hands was a good school district house in this area. How could it be replaced by such an old, dilapidated and small house?

He obviously drank some wine, his face was a little abnormally red, and he walked a little shaky.

There was no elevator in the dilapidated building. Fortunately, they were on the third floor and he soon climbed up.

He opened the door with red eyes.

Inside, there was a woman who also aged many years sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Gu Jingxu’s anger rose. He took two steps up and kicked hard at the TV.

“Peng——” there was a loud bang.

“Ah ah!! Gu Jingxu, what are you doing!!!” Wu Wanjun blew up. There were not many electrical appliances at home. Now Gu Jingxu had smashed the TV!

Gu Jingxu’s eyes flushed and he roared, “How did I marry you, such a poisonous woman? If you and Gu Shiyun didn’t harm Jiao Jiao, how could I get to this point! Do you know how glorious Jiao Jiao is now? Ah! I shouldn’t have…… divorced Sitong in those years……”

Wu Wanjun couldn’t endure hearing Li Sitong being well. She entered the house as a Xiao San and finally drove Li Sitong away. As a result, the other person was better off than her, and their daughter was more promising than her daughter. How could she stand it?

Therefore, Wu Wanjun also said angrily, “if you didn’t take all your money to invest and start a business and sell your house, how could we live such a life?? You regret your divorce? Li Sitong is still happy that she left the fire pit! You are the fire pit!”

“Pa——” Gu Jingxu couldn’t resist, waved his hand and slapped Wu Wanjun in the face.

Wu Wanjun was stunned, then she covered her face and cried, “You hit me…… you actually hit me.”

She rushed up again and kicked and kicked Gu Jingxu. She had long lost her respect.

This pair of “true love” in those years has now fallen into the situation of beating each other.

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At the beginning of July, Xue Jiao accepted the interview with Reporter Ye and it was in Xue Jiao’s new home.

The new home was located between Cheng Shuo’s new company and Tsinghua University. It was convenient for Cheng Shuo to go home, and it was also convenient for her and Cheng Mingze to go home.

Every inch of land was gold in Beijing, they lived in a large apartment.

Pengcheng moved over. Now, it was the time they needed money. After soliciting the consent of Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingze, Cheng Shuo bought an apartment, which saved capital compared to the villa.

In the future, if Cheng Shuo stabilized and had capital, he would buy a new house.

When Reporter Ye came, Li Sitong brought her up along with when she went grocery shopping. The auntie didn’t follow. Recently, they all ate the food cooked by Li Sitong.

The craftsmanship has improved a little. At least the three can eat without changing their expressions.

“Auntie, let me take it for you!” Reporter Ye reached out to pick up the fruits and vegetables in Li Sitong’s hand.

Li Sitong smiled and shook her head. “No, no, you’re a guest. How can you hold the stuff?”

Reporter Ye scratched her head. She was a little embarrassed. She looked at Li Sitong and smiled, “Auntie, your temperament is even better……”

You also look good……

Reporter Ye didn’t say this. She felt a little frivolous, although she was also a girl.

Li Sitong smiled and narrowed her eyes. “You, this girl can really talk.”

“I’m telling the truth!” Reporter Ye couldn’t wait to say it. She really thought Li Sitong was good-looking and must be gorgeous when she was young.

However, when they went upstairs and she saw Xue Jiao, her eyes went completely straight.

——This was an enhanced version of Li Sitong’s beauty

Xue Jiao asked suspiciously, “What’s the matter? Reporter Ye?”

Reporter Ye blushed and subconsciously said, “You look so good, why don’t you accept the interview?”

Xue Jiao smiled and didn’t speak.

Li Sitong brought them a lot of fruit. Xue Jiao looked at the reporter, “Reporter Ye, you can ask if you have anything you want to ask.”

“Ohohohoh, okay!”

Reporter Ye took out a book and her recording equipment.

All the questions were in line with the rules. They were given by the editor-in-chief. Reporter Ye asked them one by one.

It’s just how Xue Jiao learned. How does she feel about learning? What does she think about getting this score?

Some questions were answered by Xue Jiao, and some were not.

Finally, Reporter Ye asked Xue Jiao, “Gu Xuejiao, I can see that you work very hard, and I feel that your efforts…… are different from others……”

Reporter Ye doesn’t know how to describe this feeling. It’s probably that she felt different from others when she talked about learning.

Xue Jiao was also stunned. Different?

How was it different?

She meditated, and Reporter Ye did not interrupt her.

After a moment, Xue Jiao looked up and said, “That’s probably because I’m a little stubborn.”

Reporter Ye’s pen stopped. Stubborn? What is this answer?

Xue Jiao did not explain.

Reporter Ye won’t know that she had her last life, the things she recognized, whether it’s the college entrance examination or Tsinghua University, seem to have been decided by her, but she hadn’t changed much.

Wasn’t this stubborn?

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