SOOEW Chapter 272 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XLIX

But Yu Wenhong sneered, “What a joke!”

His voice was so loud that not only the Empress and Wu Yuzhen were stunned, but even Wen Ying looked at him. There was a flash of surprise in her eyes. Then she was held by him standing close, as if to appease her.

“The person who was with the Crown Princess was this son. Who did Empress Mother think she was with?”

“You?” The Empress was surprised. “Isn’t it……” The name turned in her mouth but she didn’t say it. It hasn’t been implemented yet. She said, “Don’t cover it up for her. If it’s you, tell me where you were just now?”

Even if her son placed his hands around Wen Ying, she believed that he came in a hurry and would not be prepared.

However, Yu Wenhong turned his eyes on Wen Ying and replied very soon, “Jinghu.”

“What did you do?”

“What else can it be? The fourth brother asked father for permission to set off fireworks in the palace. Recently, I was busy with business and ignored the Crown Princess. I wanted to join the fun and take her to see it.”

It was actually all accurate.

The Empress glanced between the two people. She didn’t see any small moves. She only asked suspiciously, “Was it really you? It was not someone else?”

“Naturally.” Yu Wenhong paused for a moment and looked at Wen Ying. She raised her eyes and glanced at him. Her expression seemed guilty, but he heard the answer he wanted. He pretended to think of something, and said, “During this period, this son asked the second brother to ask the palace attendants for chestnuts. Did someone see my second brother and mistook it?”

Even the details were mentioned, and the Empress had to believe it.

Moreover, he mentioned Yu Wenyu bluntly. There was no taboo at all. When people heard it, they felt that “it’s true”. It was the workers who saw wrong. When they saw the prince take chestnuts, they thought it was the second prince with the crown princess.

“During this period, this son went back to the East Palace first. Because I didn’t bring a palace attendant when I came out, I could only let the Crown Princess go back to the palace alone. Unexpectedly, I couldn’t wait left and right for her. I heard that she was here with mother, so I hurried here.”

The Empress suddenly said, “Really……”

Yu Wenhong gazed at the head for a moment. His eyes fell on Wu Yuzhen again. He looked straight at the back of the other party’s neck and said, “I don’t know who chewed the root of her tongue behind mother, but in the future, please trust the Crown Princess more. After all, she is your daughter-in-law.”

Wu Yuzhen was on pins and needles.

“I know.” The Empress looked at him angrily and turned to Wen Ying. Her fierce color faded and became pleasant, but she couldn’t pull down her face for a moment and comforted her. When she looked at Wu Yuzhen again, her expression was much colder, as she was obviously reminded by Yu Wenhong.

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She had always treated Wu Yuzhen as her daughter-in-law, so she treated her as half a daughter. Naturally, she was close to her. As soon as the other party reported it, she immediately believed it. Coupled with her anger, she didn’t think too much. But now on second thought, Wu Yuzhen’s identity as the third prince’s consort, in any case, was in a hurry to provoke the feelings between the crown prince and the crown princess. It really shouldn’t be and it’s too intriguing.

Wen Ying was ready for a big war and thought it couldn’t be good. Unexpectedly, Yu Wenhong acted decisively and quickly calmed down the incident, which made her unable to react for a moment.

Yu Wenhong took her hand and said, “Let’s go.”

She nodded and followed him out.

The Palace Road at night was quiet, and it was also quiet between them.

The Empress doesn’t know the truth. Yu Wenhong, who peeped at the answer from Wen Ying’s heart, naturally wouldn’t not know. She was really with Yu Wenyu.

After he came out, he walked quickly. After a while, he opened the distance. When he found that she was panting and couldn’t keep up, he slowed down and gradually walked side by side with her. They both seemed to hold a breath in their hearts and didn’t speak. He was silent, repressed and restrained, and she was carrying along like a rabbit with her heart beating fast.

In the thick night, the distance of the road was like a monster dormant in the dark. The street lamps on both sides were his dark eyes, which made her shiver, and his hands clenched a little.

“It’s not my fault……” She finally opened her mouth, but she still blocked her breath, but she spoke happily in her heart.

【What should I do? He must be angry! It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t want to play around. What should I do? Serve tea, deliver water, massage his shoulder and knead his back, or should let him beat out his anger? But he shouldn’t hit women……wu, how would he not be angry?】

Yu Wenhong suddenly turned his head, “Zhizhi?”


Small theater:


Academic loser Crown Prince: (Compare fingers three) Answer to question three! Kneel down and beg! (Bend the knuckles of the index finger and kneel in the palm of the hand)

Academic star Ying Ying: 【Hehehahahahahahahhahahaha So easy to mess with, Oh my mom】

Academic loser Crown Prince: ………

Academic star Ying Ying: (Looking down to answer the question steadfastly) 【 C 】

Academic loser Crown Prince: (Fist salute)

Academic star Ying Ying: 【Don’t face me! The teacher is coming, fool!!】

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