WFILTU Chapter 356 – Friend IV

At the end of the interview, Xue Jiao had a good feeling towards Reporter Ye, who was just a girl in her early twenties, and kept her, “Sister Ye, let’s have dinner here at noon!”

“No, no, I have to wait at the railway station for the afternoon train. If I get on the train late, there will be no good place.” Reporter Ye said while packing up.

Xue Jiao was stunned, “Seat?”

Wasn’t the seats on the train fixed?

Although she hadn’t taken a train in her life, she had taken a job on it twice in her last life.

“I bought the standing ticket.” Reporter Ye smiled and didn’t care.

Xue Jiao was a little surprised. Wasn’t it at the public expense? Why did she buy a standing ticket?

And…… if it’s an ordinary train, it takes more than 20 hours to go back from Beijing……

Reporter Ye continued to pack. When she was carrying the bag, she forgot to pull the zipper of the second box and out slide out a large stack of photos.

They were stunned at the same time.

Xue Jiao squatted down and picked it up for her.

It was full of photos of Beijing, including the Forbidden City, the square and other places, as well as the Great Wall. On each one, Reporter Ye had a big smiling face.

Xue Jiao handed it to her and smiled, “So you came here to travel.”

Reporter Ye turned her head, took the picture and suddenly said, “In fact, I don’t want to see it, I want to show it to others.”

“En?” Xue Jiao was slightly stunned.

Reporter Ye looked at the photo and her eyes drifted away. “Years ago, I didn’t graduate. Our graduation project was an interview. A friend and I agreed to interview the teachers supporting education. Later, after several inquiries, we went to a very remote place. We went in and turned countless cars. Finally, we rode a motorcycle for two hours to arrive.”

Xue Jiao looked at her and listened quietly.

“It was too poor there. Gu Xuejiao, you have a good family. You may never know how poor those places are. When I went to the plateau, it was still cold. The children’s hands were full of chilblain and their faces dark. There were no vegetables in that place. They couldn’t eat vegetables several times a year. It was really poor.” Reporter Ye blinked.

After a moment, she continued, “There was only one teacher in there, covering all subjects, and there was a headmaster, who was also responsible for cooking and cleaning. The children have almost no concept of the outside. What Beijing looked like , they know, but they think it’s like another world. They don’t have the courage to go out, nor do they want to go out.”

“Some time ago, the headmaster called me and said that the children wanted to ask me questions. I thought they were going to ask me some terrible questions. As a result, they asked me whether I had been to Beijing. Hahaha, I must have said that I had been there many times, and then I would send them photos. When they saw that I could stand in these places, they should no longer think it was another world, and there should be some ideas of going.” Reporter Ye packed the photos and was ready to go.

She herself wondered why she would say this to the little girl?

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How would this little girl understand those……

Even she, herself thought she was crazy like this.

Xue Jiao smiled gently with sour eyes. “Do you want to say I don’t understand?”

Reporter Ye was stunned.

Xue Jiao smiled and shook her head.

Why doesn’t she understand?

The old man sold squid to make money for her to study. They couldn’t even eat it.

It was funny to speak of. They sell roast squid, but they can’t afford to eat squid.

Only when it’s going bad would they be willing to eat it.

In this way, the old man didn’t eat, so he gave it to her.

“Reporter Ye, please help me choose five students who have it most difficult in their family. I’ll help them.”

“Ah?” reporter Ye was stunned and shook her head hurriedly, “You are still a student. I didn’t ask you to donate money when I told you this.”

She finished speaking and wanted to leave, so as not to think about it again.

She just thought that this girl was really impulsive.

But Xue Jiao made the decision calmly and had no impulse at all. In those years, she didn’t know what would happen if there were not good people pulling her in junior and senior high school.

She stood where she was, looked at her back and said——

“In the place you mentioned, there is no tuition before high school, and public high schools have poverty subsidies every semester. According to the basic living standard and the national subsidies, a student in primary school only needs 10 yuan a day, 220 days a year, for a total of 66000 yuan for six years. In addition to the subsidies in junior middle school, each student needs 15 yuan a day. It’s far from home. It’s 300 days a year and five schools for a total of 67500 yuan for three years. High school needs another 20 yuan a day, 320 days a year at school, and 96000 yuan in total for three years. In addition to the state subsidized tuition fees, I will add 1000 tuition fees and car subsidies every semester, totaling 30000 yuan for three years. Therefore, as long as I subsidize 259500 yuan, they can graduate from high school smoothly. “

Xue Jiao had almost no pause. This was a very simple mathematical calculation, but it was fast, logical and clear. There was almost no pause in the whole process.

She laughed “As for universities, I think they will have the ability and strength to support themselves by that time. 259000, no more, no less. It just happened that my parents gave me 100000 bonuses for the college entrance examination and I received 160000 bonuses from schools and cities in the province. When I said to subsidize five, I mean that I can afford five people at this stage. I’ll contact you later if the situation is slightly better. “


“Reporter Ye, what do you think of my subsidies?”

Reporter Ye was stunned. After a moment, she opened her mouth and spit out an irrelevant phrase——

“You’re…… so good at math……”

Xue Jiao smiled, with naughty eyes and curved eyebrows. “Reporter Ye, I’ll answer the questions I didn’t answer in the previous interview. In the next four years, I may study in the Department of Mathematics of Tsinghua University.”

She blinked. “I’m going to study mathematics in the future.”

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