WFILTU Chapter 357 – Friend V

Reporter Ye looked at her, a little distracted.

When she first came in and saw the girl, she thought she was a very, very beautiful girl, but she had no other ideas.

But now, she thought this girl was more beautiful than when she came in.

Some people’s beauty was skin deep, while other people had the spine.

Reporter Ye came forward with her bag on her back, hugged Xue Jiao, and her voice choked, “Thank you.”

It seemed that a student couldn’t spend much money, but the amount it adds up to is not small. At least she was an intern reporter. In a busy big city, she will have enough food and clothing but couldn’t afford to support.

Reporter Ye and Xue Jiao added each other’s Wechat and left a phone number. There are still some procedures for funding.

Without evidence, it was impossible for Xue Jiao to give so much money directly to Reporter Ye.

It’s not distrust, it’s security.

Trust between people is one thing, and reason is another.


Two days after Reporter Ye went back, the report of Xue Jiao was posted on the Internet.

At the request of Xue Jiao, Reporter Ye didn’t mention the donation, only the previous interview questions.

Xue Jiao’s attention was really high, which was something she didn’t expect.

In the past, many top students would have interview videos and various reports.

But this year she set a new record, but she didn’t give an interview.

In addition, there has been a heated discussion about her appearance before, and there has been a discussion about whether she was a school flower and how she looked.

The more mysterious, the more curious humans are.

Her major was the Department of Mathematics of Tsinghua University, which would not have attracted much attention, but there was still some residual heat affected by the college entrance examination that day, and it was the end of the voluntary filling period. Therefore, many people paid attention to this interview.

Hence many students of Tsinghua University know it——

“Hey, it’s said that the champion who got 731 in the college entrance examination this year will come to the Mathematics Department of our school.”

“Really, she didn’t go to Peking University?”

“No, there are records of interviews on the Internet. It’s our school.”

“How does she look? It’s rumored that she’s a school flower?”

“I don’t know. It’s text, not a video interview.”

“I remember that she won the first prize in last year’s mathematics competition. It seems that she is going to do mathematics research. Why didn’t she go to Peking University?”

“I don’t know. Anyway, the school paid close attention to this source of students.”

“Alas, there are many top students in our school. Many of them did very good on the college entrance examination. Yet when they enter……”

“That’s true……”


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Xue Jiao doesn’t know that there are rumors about her in the school she will go to in the future, but she knows that there are a lot of online discussions about her, which made her a little uncomfortable.

This was the first time this has happened in two lives.

She mentioned this when talking with Lin Zhihua……

【In fact, she was still a little annoyed. Sometimes she would look at what they say. Most people were very cute, but there are always some people who would say something difficult for some reason……】

Xue Jiao typed out a line of words and half lied on the bed.

Lin Zhihua tapped his finger on the desktop and dialed the phone.

“Jiao Jiao.”

Xue Jiao raised her head slightly: “En?”

The voice on the other end of the phone was gentle and smiled. “It’s normal for you to see some bad news on the Internet. Many people are like this. They look very normal in their daily life, and they look like another on the Internet. They vent their anger and dissatisfaction in life with ugly words. Don’t care about these people at all.”

Xue Jiao nodded. “I know. It’s just a little uncomfortable to see it occasionally, but it’ll be better later. I didn’t expect so many people to pay attention to this interview. If I knew it early……”

If I knew, I wouldn’t accept the interview!

“That shouldn’t be.” Lin Zhihua tapped his finger a few times. “In fact, this situation is also very good. It’s about attention, but the scope is not large. Unless you pay special attention, others don’t know. It……also has a great advantage.”

“What advantage?” Xue Jiao was stunned.

She frowned and couldn’t remember what good it was.

Lin Zhihua smiled. “Maybe…… your school teacher will notice you in advance……”

“Ai?!” Xue Jiao’s eyes went wide.


The longer she spent with Lin Zhihua, the more she felt that this person was really really really too smart!

Two days after their conversation that day, Cheng Mingze said something to Xue Jiao when he came back.

“Jiao Jiao, Professor Tan learned that we moved here today and asked me about you.”

Xue Jiao’s eyes lit and she stood up. “Really?!”

“Yes, and Professor Tan asked if you were free at the beginning of school. If you were free, he would like you to go to him and help him.” Cheng Mingze’s voice carried a smile. He came over and rubbed her head.

“I have time, have time!!” Xue Jiao’s eyes shone.

You have to know, being able to help the teacher in advance was equivalent to entering the teacher’s team in advance, which would be of great help to her learning in mathematics.

Cheng Mingze was also very happy. He also tried to follow Professor Tang to do the project in advance, so that he could be one step ahead of the students in the same grade.

“Then discuss it with your teacher. You come to school tomorrow. I’ll pick you up. You go to see Professor Tan. He said he’ll see you back at school at 11 o’clock tomorrow.”

“Good good good!!” Xue Jiao nodded happily.

“Are you helping the teacher?” Cheng Shuo pushed his glasses.

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