WFILTU Chapter 358 – Friend VI

Cheng Mingze nodded. “Professor Tan is very busy and there are many things to do. Recently, it seems that he is doing data calculation for a power system. Now the students are going on summer vacation, and Xue Jiao goes in early to help. It’s just perfect.”

Cheng Shuo nodded and agreed, but he immediately thought of another thing——

“Jiao Jiao, on your 18th birthday in August, I happen to hold an entrance banquet for you. Those days, you must be free.”

Xue Jiao nodded.

The entrance banquet was actually an opportunity. Cheng Shuo wanted to take this opportunity to invite some business partners on that day. Li Sitong also wanted to get to know the wives of the same class here. Interpersonal relationships also needed to be walked on.

No one needed a gift like the entrance banquet, but they just needed an opportunity to contact.

Cheng Shuo made it clear to her before, and Xue Jiao agreed.

Cheng Shuo originally meant that Xue Jiao’s adult ceremony would be held separately, but Xue Jiao didn’t agree. It was too troublesome, so might as well do it all in one day.

After returning to her room, Xue Jiao was still excited and rolled around on the bed.

In the University, not every student has the right to be a disciple to the teacher, which was the qualification of a graduate student.

What’s more…… Professor Tan’s powerful figure, whoever wants to test to be his graduate students, was particularly crowded.

The teacher was very upright and devoted to academic work. Xue Jiao has always admired him.

She finished informing this to Lin Zhihua. Her excitement can be felt across the screen.

【Lin Zhihua: Congratulations, Jiao Jiao.】

Lin Zhihua smiled and shook his head, this girl.

Then he dialed Chen Yan——

“Tomorrow we will start to withdraw the heat of Jiao Jiao, grab the eye with some explosive news, and sink the relevant news of Jiao Jiao.”


The next day, Xue Jiao got up early, recited English words for a while, listened to several English reports, and then went downstairs.

After breakfast, she estimated the time, carried a bag with a paper and pen on her back, and rushed to Tsinghua University.

When she got to the door, she called Cheng Mingze, and the other party came out soon.

“Jiao Jiao, why did you come so early? I told you that Professor Tan was going to the research institute today and won’t come until 11 o’clock.” Cheng Mingze said this without complaining, but full of helplessness.

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“It’s all right. I’ll come early and wait a minute. I don’t have anything to do anyway.” Xue Jiao grinned and looked very happy.

Cheng Mingze still looked helpless. He reached out and rubbed her hair. “You ah.”

“If you knead it again, I’ll be bald.” Xue Jiao blew up.

Cheng Mingze couldn’t hold back and stretched out his hand again……

After a while, he took her downstairs to the mathematics department. “I’ll wait with you. Let’s sit over there.”

Xue Jiao waved her hand. “Are you still worried about losing me? Go and help. You’re so busy that you don’t even have the time to eat. You’re still waiting with me.”

“You’re alone……”

“I won’t get lost. I really won’t get lost.” Xue Jiao pushed him. “Go, go, go.”

Cheng Mingze was really busy. Xue Jiao knew, so she doesn’t want to take up his time.

“Then you should sit on the chair and wait. Professor Tan’s office is 306. It’s locked and there are no stools.” Cheng Mingze told her uneasily.

“Ok, hurry along.” Xue Jiao waved and urged him.

Cheng Mingze waved helplessly and left.

Xue Jiao sat on the chair and waited for about half an hour. At 10:30, she stood up and decided to wait upstairs. What if Professor Tan didn’t use this entrance?

She thought so and raised her feet to 306.

When she got to the third floor, she found it very quiet, but there were many people inside. When she passed 302, she saw two people sitting inside, writing something with a book.

These people’s lives were likely to be her future!

The mouth of Xue Jiao moved and she continued to 306.

At 305, the door opened and a girl came out.

“Who are you?” The other party frowned slightly and looked very serious.

Xue Jiao looked at her chest, a junior in the mathematics department……

“Hello1*formal form of you, I am……”

“Are you from our school?” The other person frowned more tightly.

“No, I……”

“You’re not from our school, but you came here. Do you know where this is? What we’re doing is a confidential project. You’re not from our school. What do you want to do in our school? You want to come, take your own exams and take photos at the entrance. We don’t welcome people who come here casually! Now, go out!”

The girl looked very angry. She regarded Xue Jiao as the person who came in to “visit”.

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