SAPPS Chapter 16

“The final exam will be more difficult than before, but……this is not the hardest.” Li Pi looked at the students standing opposite. It’s not too much to be said that he watched them grow up. From the age of seven to fifteen, hundreds of people had turned to dozens. “The one before the graduation perception test is,  finish this time’s final test well. I’m waiting for all of you here at the beginning of school. I hope everyone can graduate smoothly and get their own admission qualification.”

During the final test, the school would bring students to the edge forest of Star 3212. Although the creatures here were not Zerg, and their attack power was less than one or two tenths of that of insects and animals, they were very suitable for assessing students. After discussion at the end of each semester, the teacher would divide a distance range for the students to hunt. Everyone has only one dagger in their hands. Whether they live or die depends on their strength.

With each increase in grade, the scope of entering the forest would increase, and the risk index would rise sharply.

After mobilizing the students in their classes, the teachers took them to the edge forest.

“Everyone remember, teachers are understaffed. Whether he could save you in time depends entirely on luck, so……there’s still time for anyone who wants to quit.” The grade director of Class B looked around.

Nobody moved. None of the students who have stayed here for so many years were unstable.

“In that case, the 16th final examination of the 108th session of 3212 Institute  officially begins!”

As the starting gun rang, all the students immediately poured into the marginal forest like a tide, and everyone wanted to finish the task early on.

The teacher designated a certain range within which students could come out after successful hunting, but there were always various uncertain risks. First, the strength of the prey was uncertain, and no one knew what they would encounter. Second, even if they hunt successfully, they still face the possibility of meeting other beasts on their return trip.

Wei San quickly entered the edge forest. She always cherished her life. She basically relied on various walking positions to avoid serious injury for the 16 final exams. She was poor and couldn’t afford to lie in the treatment cabin.

The surface of the marginal forest looked peaceful, and even the air was much cleaner than that of the city. However, the screams haven’t stopped since the students came in.

Even if they have come here 16 times.

Today was a good opportunity for the beasts in the marginal forest to eat.

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With a dagger in one hand, Wei San quickly walked through a slice of brambles, and the thorns on the plants constantly cut through the training clothes. Her eyes did not blink. Compared with other places, people and wild animals were reluctant to pass here. Therefore, if you walk through this thorny land, the danger will be minimized and you can wait for the opportunity to hunt.

Because she was poor, she habitually wanted to make the most labor-saving plan.

Walking through the thorns, Wei San’s ears suddenly moved. She stopped and looked out: a leopard was spinning nearby.

Before waiting for the next move, the leopard jumped near the thorns and roared at Wei San.

Wei San closed her eyes and the leopard smelled her blood. She tried to move on, and the leopard on the outside immediately followed.

So annoying. She thought she would have good luck and meet some easy prey. Now she has become a prey.

Wei San took a deep breath and stopped. Before the leopard reacted, she jumped out of another place and rolled on the spot to remove the impact.


The leopard hissed excitedly in its throat and immediately rushed at Wei San.

Wei San, who has seen Zergs before, was naturally not afraid of a leopard. She didn’t escape. She just avoided the leopard’s forelimbs and slid down. The whole person was below the leopard’s abdomen. When the leopard wanted to step back and catch the prey, the prey disappeared and it’s body became heavy.

After sliding under the leopard’s belly, Wei San directly rolled out and rode on the leopard in reverse. One hand grabbed its head and the other hand held a dagger and scratched its neck.

Blood gushed out like a fountain, and the leopard closed its throat with a moan and fell to the ground before the moan was sent out.

Wei San got up from the leopard and finished half of the final test. Now what’s left was how to successfully take the prey out.

The smell of blood would attract other beasts. She had to carry such a heavy leopard back.

Wei San touched her pocket. She didn’t bring any nutrient solution. She was hungry.

During this time, she was spoiled by Shiniang’s skills. In addition, Shiniang often stuffed all kinds of snacks. She almost forgot the taste of the nutrient solution, let alone think about bringing it.

Touching her stomach, Wei San picked up more than 200 kilograms of leopard and ran all the way back.

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