SOOEW Chapter 274 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XLI

“En, it’s nothing,” he answered softly.

She didn’t believe it and asked, “How did you get hurt?”

He said lightly, “I lost the competition with eldest brother today. This wound was created carelessly.”

“Did you compete……with him?”

Her original slightly anxious tone slowed down, but she was stunned. Looking at Yu Wenhong again, his eyes have changed from her to Yu Wenluo. He just raised his brows and didn’t say a word. When she pulled his sleeve, he smiled coldly and said, “All right, the sixth brother already knows what he wants to know. Are you not leaving yet?”

Yu Wenluo saw this and smiled like him, “This brother will leave first.”

He came and went in a hurry, but it overwhelmed Wen Ying instead. Yu Wenhong, who was on fire, walked forward with her. The atmosphere seemed to go back, and it was a bit worse than just now. Because of his mind reading skills, she didn’t even dare to think more. She was stunned and speechless for a moment.

However, when he was close to the East Palace, Yu Wenhong suddenly stopped, as if thinking all the way, and finally couldn’t help whispering.

“I want him to lead the soldiers at the border, so I wanted to try his weight. I didn’t mean to do it.”

“You mean A Luo……his highness, the sixth prince?”

“En, you don’t believe me?”

Wen Ying didn’t open her mouth for a long time. They were as stiff as frozen weather. Unexpectedly, at this time, she suddenly laughed. It was particularly clear on this quiet night, and there was a faint and frightening echo.

She immediately leaned against him. Under his puzzled and unhappy eyes, she pulled his sleeve, “I believe you, of course I believe you.” The smile didn’t stop, so that her voice was softer than usual.

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Yu Wenhong didn’t know what she was laughing at, and couldn’t pull down his face to ask, but he just heard her inner words.

【Unexpectedly, he kept thinking about this. I thought he wanted to blame me for caring about A Luo’s injury. I used to think he was fierce and bad. It’s actually good to marry him.]

He was stunned. He couldn’t help lowering his head and staring at her with his obsidian eyes. “Do you really think it’s very good to marry me?”

“I just said it’s pretty good, not it was very good.” She retorted halfway, then was suddenly stunned, “.……how do you know? !”

Yu Wenhong never thought that he would tell Wen Ying the secret that he thought he would take to the grave. Even if he inadvertently broke it at that time, there was no way to round it. However, perhaps because he had “lost” her once, he would want to cherish it more when she recovered. Even her smile seemed to become rare, and he was even more reluctant to deceive her.

He learned a lot from the second Wen Ying, probably due to the times. After a woman marries a man, she was like being locked up. She has no choice but to rely on her husband. At this time, her good and bad, her joy and sadness are all tied to him. Even if she changed her mind, there must be factors involving him and other women. When he doted on her in the last life, did she not put all her body and mind on him? The light and sword shadow of the inner house consumed her concentration and gave Yu Wenluo a chance to take advantage of it.

So whether it’s Yu Wenyu or Yu Wenluo, he suddenly felt it was less important.

Throw me a quince, I give a green jade, not in return, you see, but to show acquaintance made.

He must have thrown stones before, so that people dare not get close to him.

And this time, he was willing to be sincere.

The people in the East Palace completely didn’t understand the preferences and actions of the crown prince. He ruthlessly ignored the crown princess for some time. When they thought she was going to fall out of favor, he suddenly changed his face, took care of her carefully and loved her in every way. The people’s honeymoon was even worse than their wedding.

Forget about this. The strangest thing was that to say something against the law, his highness was like a worm in the crown princess’s stomach. He often doesn’t have to speak to the crown princess. He knew what she thought and this caused envy in all the palace maids. Even when the princes and consorts often get together and discuss. Only by paying great attention, could they achieve this point. With this alone, other princes were far inferior to him.

It was originally said that the crown prince ignored the crown princess in the palace, and the rumor that the crown princess had bad virtue was immediately eliminated. It was a joke that was made by an unknown. The dirty water was splashed like a joke.

That day, somehow, they seemed to have an argument because they were going out of the palace and “quarreled” in the corridor.

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