WFILTU Chapter 359 – No I

And obviously, she may have met this unpleasant situation before, so much so that seeing Xue Jiao made her feel very angry.

Xue Jiao looked at her with a confused face.

“You’re still not leaving yet!” The girl’s eyes widened. “If you don’t go, I can only call security!”

With that, one hand has taken out her phone, in a posture of calling people.

Her pause was as fierce as a tiger, and she didn’t give Xue Jiao a chance to talk at all.

“What’s the matter?” At this time, a slightly old voice came from the side.

They were stunned and suddenly turned back.

“Professor Tan, you’re1*formal form of you back.……” The senior sister became very respectful, which was quite different from the attitude just now.

Xue Jiao also covered up her excitement of seeing Professor Tan and spoke skillfully, “Hello2*formal form of you, Professor Tan.”

“I heard Xu Jing’s voice all the way from far away. What’s the matter?” Professor Tan asked. In fact, he had almost heard it when he just came over.

The girl, Xu Jing stepped forward: “Professor Tan, this girl is not from our school. She ran to us.……”

Professor Tan waved and interrupted her.

“I asked her to come. In the future, she will be your junior sister. She has just finished the college entrance examination this year.”

Xu Jing was surprised and looked at Xue Jiao in disbelief.

It was just the end of the college entrance examination. It’s reasonable that the admission notice hasn’t come down yet. Yet she came to study with Professor Tan?!


It’s impossible. Professor Tan was honest. It’s impossible to use relations casually.

Xu Jing was confused for a moment and stared at them blankly.

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Professor Tan turned to Xue Jiao and smiled: “Gu Xuejiao, this is your senior sister Xu Jing. She is very strong, but she has a bad temper.”

Gu Xuejiao! !

Xu Jing’s pupils shrank briefly and she looked at her incredulously.

This person was actually Gu Xuejiao!

After a moment, Xu Jing lowered her head and wanted to drill down directly.

Xue Jiao laughed and joked: “I see.……senior sister, please take care of me gently in the future!”

Xu Jing: “……”

Her head was even lower and she wanted to drill into the ground.

“Xu Jing, you should pay attention to this more in the future. At least ask clearly.” Professor Tan said painlessly. Such an understatement made Xu Jing blush and her heartbeat.

But she was also a little relieved. Fortunately, Gu Xuejiao was just joking. If she complained, she would really leave a bad impression on Professor Tan!

Their voices were not big or small. The people in 305 also heard Professor Tan criticizing Xu Jing. They immediately stopped writing and listened.

“Yes.……” Xu Jing’s neck turned red when she spit out these two words.

Professor Tan waved: “All right, Gu Xuejiao and I will go to the office. Xu Jing, please clean up the table and come out. She will follow you first and help you with your project.”

“Ok.” Xu Jing’s scalp tightened.

Professor Tan smiled and nodded. In fact, he was considerate. There were not many girls in his team. Xue Jiao was also a little girl. It was better to follow a senior sister.

Although Xu Jing has a bad temper, she was not a bad person. She was very straightforward.

At present, his team had only two undergraduates, Xu Jing and Zheng Jiakun. Occasionally, when the project was busy, he would transfer some undergraduates to help.

Zheng Jiakun was of great use, so most of the time, Xu Jing was in the position of leading the undergraduates. She was serious and could control students……

But there were also many disadvantages, but he doesn’t have a more suitable person now, but Xu Jing is also a senior already…….

Professor Tan placed his eyes on Xue Jiao beside him and shook his head imperceptibly in his heart.

This girl was too young. If she wants to manage others, she has to be a sophomore or a junior, and.…’s not necessarily suitable, alas.

No one knew what he was thinking. He just said, “Let’s go.”

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