WFILTU Chapter 360 – No II

Xue Jiao smiled at Xu Jing and immediately followed Professor Tan into the office.

Xu Jing stood where she was, her scalp still numb.

It was actually a person called over by Professor Tan!

She really lost face just now!

After a moment, she walked rigidly into 305.

These people have just heard about it, but they don’t know who’s coming.

“Senior sister, who came here?” A sophomore mathematics boy who came to help asked.

Xu Jing frowned and was embarrassed in front of her junior brothers and sisters.

But she still spoke with a serious face, “A new student, an undergraduate, is going to come to Professor Tan’s office.”

At present, the office was full of undergraduates who came to help, and they all looked up immediately.

A “new person” was actually different from a person who helps.

People who help have to leave after helping. For example, Professor Tan was short of several people who were good at calculus, so he asked some people who were good at calculus to help and they would withdraw after a few days.

Next time they want to come, they have to wait for other opportunities.

But a new person was different, especially one who they had to make room for a table, which showed that she could always be here in the future.

She could do chores on every project as long as she was free and it was necessary.

A boy frowned. He was currently a freshman going on to become a sophomore at the beginning of this year.

“Who is it? How old are they?”

“New person. She’s a new student in September.” Xu Jing said, and sure enough, she received a shocked face.

She felt better. She couldn’t be stimulated alone!

“How is it possible? Have the freshmen even come down with an admission notice?”

“That’s right. What do the new people even know? Mathematical analysis or programming?”

“How is it possible?”

Someone a little more active asked Xu Jing in a low voice, “Senior sister……was it through connections?”

Xu Jing took a deep breath and said, “You may have heard of this man. She was printed in a post a few days ago.”


“Gu Xuejiao.” Xu Jing slowly spit out the name.


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Holy Shit, she was the first prize in mathematics last year, the champion of 731 this year? !

This was the one pulled into the team by Professor Tan? ?

He’s not afraid of her being a nerd who can only study? !

Suddenly, the whole group fell into doubting life.

Xue Jiao sat opposite Professor Tan. There was a computer on the table and a bookshelf full of math related books.

When they entered the door, there was a big table beside the door. There was a big picture on it, some kind of structure chart.

Xue Jiao just glanced at it casually and didn’t dare to stare.

“Gu Xuejiao, first of all, congratulations on your success on the college entrance examination.” Professor Tan smiled and blessed her.

Xue Jiao scratched her head with embarrassment: “Thank you, teacher.”

“As I said last year, I appreciate you very much. If I can, I hope I can always take you with me. Xu Jing cleaned up a table for you. Although the college entrance examination is over, I hope you don’t relax. If you relax and can’t keep up with the progress, I can’t let you go on the team as an undergraduate. Do you understand?” Professor Tan was very serious when he said this.

Xue Jiao knew what he meant——that is, you should pay close attention to your studies, and then take into account your studies in the team. If you can’t keep up at the same time, leave the team and study hard.

She looked at the teacher in a firm and serious voice: “Yes, I’ll keep up.”

Professor Tan relaxed and smiled again: “Then you should first learn from senior sister Xu Jing for a few days and do chores for them. Your theoretical knowledge is not enough and you can’t help for the time being.”

Xue Jiao nodded and agreed, “OK.”

Then they talked about the problems in coming in advance.

Professor Tan finally said, “Go. I hope you choosing Tsinghua, is the most correct decision you’ve made.”

Xue Jiao smiled with a bright light in her eyes——

“I will.”

Her direction was already moving towards her goal.

When Xue Jiao reached 305, everyone else all left, only Xu Jing was still there.

She felt that Xu Jing was waiting for her.

“You came, should we go eat together?” Xu Jing asked.

Xue Jiao nodded and smiled, “OK.”

Eating together was also a process of reconciliation.

Xu Jing nodded, arranged the table, and then took Xue Jiao for her meal.

“What about your campus card?” Xu Jing asked her on the way.

“Professor Tan said that while they were still at work, someone would take me to create a temporary one in the afternoon. When I report in September, the school will distribute it.” Xue Jiao explained.

Xu Jing nodded and didn’t speak.

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