SOOEW Chapter 276 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXXXXIII

The question of “not being the Crown Prince” has been pressing on Yu Wenhong’s mind for a long time.

He was born to be the Emperor when he was young. All his efforts were to accomplish this. Even if the first life failed, he did not think it was his problem. He had prepared everything. His failure was not that he was incompetent, but that he was secretly plotted by Yu Wenluo. Therefore, he vowed to fight back Yu Wenluo, regain his throne and kill all those who betrayed him in previous lives.

But at this time, his cognition changed.

He found that rebirth did not really enable him to do it again. His preferences remain the same. In the last life, he will pick Wen Ying, and so in this life; His way of doing things remained unchanged, and his inherent thinking took root in his mind. When he found that Neng Chen was a person of a hostile party, he refused to appoint him.

At this time, he learned that in the country under his rule, the death of 300,000 people weighed heavily on the back of his neck, making him bend his head gradually.

He began to think that maybe he was not suitable for this position. He forced it once and failed. Why force it again?

However, once he thought of putting down the position of Crown Prince, he felt confused. He didn’t know what else he could do except sitting in the supreme position.

Inadvertently, he asked the question. He thought he would get the same answer as Wu Yuzhen gave him.

“The prince is the heir appointed by his Majesty. How can you have that day?”

Who knows, just as he smiled and shook his head, he just wanted to talk about passing the topic, but suddenly heard the voice of Wen Ying.

【Don’t be the Crown Prince? Then there would be so many fun things!】

He was stunned. He only saw that Wen Ying, this little ancestor, was lying on the beauty couch eating fruit. She stretched out her hand, touched a red jujube, bit into mouth, noticed his sight and turned back to smile at him. Her cheeks were puffy and she laughed like a little squirrel, but she also looked at him and smiled.

“For example?”

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“For example……” She dragged out in a long voice, eating the red dates in a couple of seconds. She bent down on the pillow and chatted, “We can go to see famous mountains and rivers, local conditions and customs, and travel at home and abroad. Since I was a child, I wanted to run outside. I occasionally went to the temple with my mother to pray for incense. When I saw the bustling small shops on both sides of the street, I wanted to open a restaurant. Whether it was selling jewelry or books, it was also delicious to drink. When there were many guests, they talked about all over the world. If there were no guests, I would take a racket to catch flies and dial an abacus. It’s more leisurely to settle accounts. It’s better than getting married. “

She said it without changing her breath. It can be seen that she had been thinking about it in her heart for a long time.

Yu Wenhong listened to the taste and asked her with a raised brow: “Why is it better than getting married? Are you reluctant to marry me?”

She was not afraid at all. She smiled and said, “You think you are the Crown Prince. You must have concubines in the future. As the number of women increases, there are more problems. There is only one you. Should I push you out or keep you by myself? It’s hard to please you vertically and horizontally. You have to add a few wrinkles on your forehead, hating that time is too long. It’s better to die early and surpass life……”

Before she finished speaking, he stuffed a jujube into her mouth. He helplessly smiled and said, “You sure love to speak nonsense.”

But he couldn’t help but admit that her words were reasonable, in the last life, in the last last life, wasn’t it all like this.

She spit out the jujube seed, munched on the jujube meat and ate it. After thinking about it, she still said: “I think that being the Crown Prince is like a shackle. If you are willing to be the Crown Prince, even if it will make you out of breath, but you can realize your self-worth and you feel happy, I support it very much. But if it is just a habit, you might as well try to put down this shackle and try it. Maybe you will prefer to live without it.” She smiled, pure and relaxed, “There’s a lot of time. There are many interesting things. You can try them all.”

Without paying attention, she would say such a truth. Yu Wenhong was immersed in it for a long time. When she returned to her mind, she had changed the food.

It was not very delicious. She put it in her mouth and frowned for a while. She quickly swallowed it and drank tea. After changing three things in a row, she found her favorite food. She ate it leisurely and didn’t forget to hand it to him.

He ate with a smile and did not forget to reach out and rub her head.

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