SOOEW Chapter 277 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXXXXIV

In the same year, Crown Prince Yu Wenhong had a secret conversation with the Emperor for more than three days. Three days later, the Emperor set up another Crown Prince. The government and the public were shocked and almost caused unrest. However, his Majesty was in the prime of his life. The imperial power was concentrated, and the former Crown Prince worked together with him. Under the authority of the Emperor, the Empress’s mother’s family and other foreign relatives had to give way, and the courtiers gradually agreed with him after fierce debate. Since then, the Sixth Prince Yu Wenluo led the troops to sing all the way, won great victories, and became the candidate for the new Crown Prince under the competition of various forces, and finally ascended the throne as Emperor.

After Yu Wenluo ascended the throne, he first followed the trend of the times and sealed the Second Prince to be a virtuous prince. At the same time, he granted Yu Wenhong the title of Prince Yu and Wen Ying was granted the title of Consort to Prince Yu.

At this time, Wen Ying has taken Yu Wenhong outside to play several times. If it weren’t for the ceremony, she wouldn’t want to go back to the capital to be canonized. Yu Wenluo was more dignified than before. He was no longer as cautious as when he was a young man, and there was no longer the spirit of being a newcomer to officialdom. He was friendly and polite to others, but it’s difficult to see any emotion. He still placed down his posture in front of Yu Wenhong and used a very special respect, but it can also be seen that his mood towards the former Crown Prince is particularly complex.

If he took the throne himself, Yu Wenhong would only die, but now he has been held to this position by him. He would hold this man up. If he slights it, he would leave a curse. The royal family simply doesn’t lack this free meal.

When he came before Wen Ying, his expression was no different. He just held her hand more gently.

Wen Ying smiled and called him, “Your Majesty.” It was still his favorite look, her appearance.

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She also asked Yu Wenhong if he regretted it. Yu Wenhong only said, “He is more suitable than me.”

“But you have mind reading skills,” she said. “Even if you can’t trust them, you don’t think you can know people well. With the help of mind reading, maybe you can do better than him.”

Instead, he smiled knowingly.

“Mind reading is not omnipotent. What’s more, it’s just a foreign object. It’s possible to leave at any time. I won’t rely on it too much.”

Wen Ying sat near the table and looked at him with her cheek.

He was seen inexplicably.


“Ai, I suddenly feel that my husband is elegant, handsome and tangible, which makes people fall in love.”

He raised his brows and asked, “Is this fallen person you?”

“Of course it’s me.” She smiled sweetly.

“Isn’t it ‘those women who find excuses to fall into his arms every day’?”

She stiffened, then immediately protested: “Didn’t you say that you won’t use your mind reading skills!”

“It’s not used at ordinary times. It’s better to use it occasionally.”

He smiled, caught the comb she threw at him, came forward and picked up the person, ready to read her completely and experience the wonderful taste.

This time, as soon as Wen Ying returned to the space, she rushed to hug the panda and sighed, “My little ten has become round.”

When she left, Xiao Shi was about seven or eight years old. He was very naughty. He was not like this lazy bear who loved to sleep. She really liked it, so she didn’t wake him up.

The little panda looked expressionless and let her hold it for a long time. Then he glanced at the front left and said, “Here comes the person.”

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