WFILTU Chapter 363 – No V

Over there, Lin Zhihua sat on a chair in the study. The camera was aimed at him, he held a pen in his hand and looked at Xue Jiao and smiled——

“Then, it’s time for class. Please be more serious.”

Xue Jiao immediately sat upright and looked serious: “Teacher Lin, please start*.”

*polite form

The other end of the phone was quiet for a moment. Then Lin Zhihua didn’t hold back and took the lead in laughing.

“You ah.”

He put his fist to his lips and coughed, “Alright, let’s really start.”

“All calculations, especially mathematical calculations, whether it be advanced mathematics or elementary level mathematics, are in the final analysis, several different formulas, combined with the operation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division……”

Xue Jiao listened carefully, wrote and drew from time to time.

The next few days were like this. During the day, Xue Jiao went to the office. They were all working. Xue Jiao read and calculated in her own seat.

When someone asked her to take something or help read data, Xue Jiao would go to help.

When they didn’t call her, she would sit quietly in her place and read.

In the evening, with questions and a summary, she would video call with Lin Zhihua.

The quick method he mentioned was actually the simplest way to let Xue Jiao grasp the knowledge and find out the logic, which was the same as when he taught her to compete in mathematics.

What Newton, Leibniz, Lobida, Taylor……

Or limit, calculus, series……

What higher mathematics touched was almost another thing compared with the mathematics learned before.

But the essence of things was continuous. As long as it was mathematics, it was related.

After Lin Zhihua’s several days of teaching, Xue Jiao must admit that this person’s educational ability was the strongest Xue Jiao has ever seen.

In a few hours, he could tell her almost half of the book.

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The details, during the day, she understood them by herself.

This day, near dinner.

Xu Jing took a deep breath and displayed a rarely shown smile.

“Ok, ok, thank you. We’ll end here everyone. You’ve been working hard.”

Xue Jiao paused and looked up.

Does this mean that the project that needed their help has ended? So the six undergraduates can leave, and don’t need to come again?

“No hard work, not hard work. It’s our honor to help.” Several people smiled.

Xu Jing nodded and relaxed. “We’ve registered all the help you’ve done, and Professor Tan also knows it. When the project bonus comes down, we’ll contact you junior brothers and sisters! You’ve worked hard!”

“It’s all right.” The others smiled happily.

Immediately, Xu Jing went to 307 with the data, leaving only six other undergraduates and Xue Jiao in the office.

Among them, two boys pushed and bustled over.

“Zhao Ping, say it!” One of the senior brothers pushed the other.

The one who was pushed stuttered and hesitated.

Xue Jiao smiled and politely alienated: “Senior brother, what can I do for you?”

Zhao Ping looked at her, blushed and said, “Sister Gu Xuejiao, do you want to have dinner together?”

Xue Jiao shook her head and was still very polite: “No need, senior brother, I’ll go home for dinner tonight.”

“Oh, oh……ok……” Zhao Ping’s face became red. He answered, and didn’t speak again.

Several other people laughed and coaxed. Xue Jiao didn’t speak. She bowed her head and began to read.

In her past high school career, Yi Tianyu was occasionally coaxed by others.

But she had a sense of distance from the students in her class at that time and didn’t dare to go too far.

In addition, Yi Tianyu has a big temper. If anyone coaxed him, he would glare back, so no one dared to speak.

On that rainy day, Xue Jiao knew she was not suitable for him.

In fact, she always knew that her ideas and his ideas were very different.

Xue Jiao hasn’t contacted him since she came to Beijing, and Yi Tianyu hasn’t contacted her either.

But fortunately, she knew that Yi Tianyu reported to Fudan University.

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  1. You know Ml in any other novel could have been transformed to second ML. While her classmate YT would be the male lead. Because usual characteristics of second ML is the fact that he is always there for the heroine, loving her silently waiting for her response.

    • I think this case is not like this. More than silently waiting for her response, he is waiting for an opportunity, because of his age and their maturity, to change their relationship would not be good for XJ right now. Unless something or someone appears to accelerate this, it will probably take some time.

      • +1
        Once she graduates, they will be 22 and 31(?), which is not that good but it’s still better than 17 and 26.
        Also, people might think possible grooming but he’s only in a mentor role. Basically a teacher. Xuejiao seems him that way. Of course, they’re close friends but she does introduce him as a mentor. I don’t think there will be any romance between them before she reaches her post-graduation (she looks like she will go for a PhD)

  2. Lin Zhihua should give a little prayer of thanks to Yi Tianyu for conditioning Jiao Jiao against all the Zhoa Pings out there.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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  4. The only worry is now those plastic friends like that one roommate of CMZ.

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