SAPPS Chapter 20

Tai Wude hesitated for a moment, called his mother on the inside and asked her to contact the aunt just now and ask what the name of the person who came to the door for maintenance was.

“Your aunt said it was Wei San.” Tai Wude’s mother’s voice came faintly.

Tai Wude: He doesn’t believe it! ! ! Wei San must want to come to hit him! ! ! 1*Oh my, this poor guy hahahahah

Wei San raised her hand and knocked on the door: “Ai, are you still going to open the door? I’m really leaving if you don’t open it.”

Tai Wude shouted through the door, “You, as a preparatory single mecha fighter, how can you repair mecha? No one on 3212 could do it.”

Wei San sighed: “Life is not easy, versatility.”

Tai Wude hesitated: “Can you really fix it?”

Wei San: “Yes.”

Finally, Tai Wude opened the door and said, “You really didn’t come to hit me?”

“Why should I come to fight a defeated general?”

Tai Wude: That makes a lot of sense. He has no words to refute.

“Come in.”

Wei San followed Tai Wude to his training room. A mecha was placed in the center.

“So that mecha was actually bought by your family.” Wei San raised her brows. There was a shop selling mecha in the material market before. In the past seven years, only one was sold.

Tai Wude spoke proudly, “I’m going to go to the big five military academies in the future. Of course, I have to use the mecha first.”

Wei San climbed into the mecha and entered the cabin. She was a little shocked. This was the first time she saw the inside of a real mecha, even if it was just an ornamental mecha.

“Wei San, are you able to?” Tai Wude shouted from below.

“It’s the first time I’m fixing a mecha, give me some time.” Wei San stuck her head out and said.

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Tai Wude: “! ! !”

“I knew you couldn’t fix it! Wei San, you come down to me! ! !”

Wei San was unmoved and tentatively pressed all the buttons once.

“Ah ah ah ah ah! Wei San, you come down!” Tai Wude looked at the trembling mecha from time to time, and tears rushed out painfully, “It’s going to fall! ! !”

After feeling the mecha again, Wei San opened the cabin door and jumped down, holding a wrench at Tai Wude: “You’re so noisy, shut up.”

Tai Wude choked, and grievously shut up: “……”

She turned around below, found the engine and knocked on it: “This is an ornamental mecha. It’s estimated to be the worst kind. You’re out of range when you use it normally. You’re lucky for it to work until now.”

Tai Wude sniffed when he heard the words and said, “You……really understand?”

Wei San didn’t bother to answer his sentence: “How much is your maintenance budget?”

“Three hundred thousand star coins.”

Wei San: “……your family is really rich.”

Tai Wude hurriedly said, “300000 is for the mecha. If you can really repair it, the maintenance fee is counted separately.”

“No need, all the money will be spent on the mecha.” Wei San jumped down from the hood. “Forget the maintenance fee. Last time you invited me to eat skewers.”


Wei San glanced at Tai Wude: “Do you have money on you?”


“Come with me to the material market.”

They went to the material market and bought a pile of materials. Among them, they spent the most on Youjin, but it was only a few grams. They spent approximately 700000 star coins. Tai Wude also asked his mother for money.

“Can you really fix it?” Tai Wude was beating a drum in his heart. 700000 star coins was not a small sum of money for him.

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