SOOEW Chapter 278 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXXXXV

Z942121 stood there watching her.

Under the two’s pressure, Wen Ying finally let go and allowed him to take away the power of faith and make an “A+” evaluation.

“You still don’t want to awaken it?” She only heard Z942121 ask her.

“If you ask me like that, I will feel guilty……” She hesitated. These two times were different from before. Zhou Zhou and the red panda could still be seen separately, but the appearance of the Tenth Prince and him as a child, made her have two feelings. If she intended to put the panda in a less useful position last time, this time she really wanted to ask him for his opinions.

“Do you want to come out and play?”

He yawned. “Whatever.”

Wen Ying looked at him thoughtfully and smiled, “Ok, I know.”

This time, the reward drew a beam of light. Wen Ying had just opened her hand, when it suddenly drilled into her temple.

She was not afraid and asked, “What is this?”

“Aura.” Z942121 said, “What you often say is “Aura flash”. It comes from a closed world. There is no human existence, only countless auras. Any creature would break the empty wall and get it when it has been honed to a certain extent or in special circumstances.”

“Disposable again?”

“The term is permanent. Its function is to let you get a steady stream of inspiration when creating, or quickly master the essentials when learning any skill.”

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Wen Ying immediately smiled and blossomed, “Aiyah, I like it!”

This skill was obviously more useful than mind reading. It can integrate into the art world, the force world and even the most ordinary life world at the fastest speed. For example, if she could have a spiritual light in the warlord world, at least she would not be trapped by the situation. She had no choice but to be trapped in the Marshal’s residence. Only with a skill could she live a relatively free life in the chaotic world, and the time spent may be much shorter.

It happened that the world she was going to was very strange to her.

In that world, mankind has entered the era of the universe. Gender has changed from men and women to three genders, namely alpha, beta and omega. Among the three genders, there were men and women, which were classified according to sexual organs. In short, Alpha women, Omega men, Beta men and women all have modern human sexual organs and reproductive organs. Only Alpha men were the same as modern men, and Omega women were the same as modern women.

Alpha and Omega secrete pheromones to attract each other when puberty gender characteristics appear. Omega must find alpha markers and combine with them when it comes to estrus.

Alpha was strong and powerful, usually the leading class; Beta was the follower, which was equivalent to the worker bee in the hive. Their fertility rate was not high and they were usually responsible for work; Omega was rare and weak, and took reproduction as their own responsibility.

At the same time, although the most powerful country there was called the Free Federation, which was nominally very democratic, it was still controlled by the upper class of aristocratic families. It was called the Star Valve locally. It was divided into special stars, first-class stars and second-class stars according to its political and military status and the quality and quantity of resource stars in its hands, with a minimum of only third-class stars.

According to the marks shown on the light source diagram, there was no doubt that the families of the two important characters were super stars. Although the fallen envoy was born in the first-class star family, his parents were killed in his childhood. He didn’t know his identity. After thousands of hardships, he became the supreme General of the Federation and was able to drive the Federal 2S class mecha and gallop the battlefield.

The special world rules have made her dizzy, not to mention the beginning of each inevitable disadvantage. Wen Ying already had a bad feeling in her heart.

Z942121 only said, “You will understand it once you experience it,” and transferred her out of the space.

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