WFILTU Chapter 364 – No VI

Xue Jiao shook her head, took back her thoughts, stared at the book and continued to read.

Zhao Ping and them had left. Not only Zhao Ping, but several other undergraduates had packed up and left.

After they left, Xue Jiao looked at the time and decided to finish these comprehensive questions on hand before leaving.

But she was a little curious. Didn’t Xu Jing go to send the data? Why hasn’t she come back after so long?

She bowed her head and stopped thinking about this problem. She “swipe swipe swipe” and began to solve the problems.

Lin Zhihua was right. Although college mathematics was much deeper than high school, it was all mathematics and was based on basic knowledge.

Xue Jiao liked mathematics very much. From her previous life to this life, her favorite was mathematics.

Solving problems was very interesting for her.

She has just finished writing and placed away her books.

“Dadada——” the sound of fast footsteps came.

Xue Jiao looked up and saw a boy and Xu Jing coming.

“Gu Xuejiao, where are they?” Xu Jing questioned in a worried voice.

Xue Jiao immediately replied, “They have already left.”

“How long have they been gone?!”

“It’s been half an hour.……”

Xu Jing frowned: “These guys!”

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Xue Jiao looked at the boy frowning beside her, and then looked at Xu Jing: “Senior sister, what’s the matter?”

“They miscalculated a spot! All the things they calculated today have to be done again!” Xu Jing was quite angry and stamped her feet.

She was really angry. Today, in order to hurry to finish, she only asked them to check by themselves. She only checked it once, and didn’t notice any problems.

As soon as she brought it there, it was found by the person next to her.

But fortunately, he discovered it, otherwise this data would be directly used in the next step, and she would really make a big mistake!

“Ah?” Xue Jiao was also stunned.

“I’ll call them back!” Xu Jing stomped her foot.

The boy next to her waved his hand and said in a steady voice, “Forget it, senior sister, let’s do it ourselves.”

Senior sister?

Xue Jiao looked up at the boy.

She knows who this person was. This was the other undergraduate in Professor Tan’s team besides senior sister. He was only a freshman currently and is turning into a sophomore in September.

Now he has already followed the graduate students. His name was Zheng Jiakun.

“But can we finish the calculations between us two?”

Zheng Jiakun nodded: “Today should be fine, but it will be a little late.”

As he spoke, he had already sat down at the big table.

Xu Jing sighed and sat down opposite of him.

Xue Jiao placed down her backpack and smiled——

“Senior sister, I’ll calculate it too.”

“You?” Xu Jing frowned.

A moment later, she said, “You can’t. It’s a lot of calculations. It’s all college mathematics and a lot of differentiation. Go back first and don’t disturb us.”

“I’ve basically finished advanced mathematics. Senior sister, let me have a try.”

“You really can’t. Our calculation is very important. Don’t disturb.…..”

Zheng Jiakun interrupted Xu Jing: “Are you Gu Xuejiao?”

“That’s right.” Xue Jiao nodded and smiled.

Zheng Jiakun also nodded and pointed to the other side of the table.

“Sit down and calculate.”

Xu Jing frowned with disapproval.

Xue Jiao nodded and stepped forward quickly.

All college knowledge?

She can’t?

Whether she could or couldn’t, she always has to try.

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  1. Finally someone who’s not blindly prejudiced (for the author’s convenience)?

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. Thanks for the update…

    Also, I know XJ got her doubts but she could at least give her some minor calculations or task? So that it can lessen their burden or something 💁🏻‍♀️

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  4. It’s math not cooking. If you don’t trust her results you can still do them yourself and all what got wasted is a bit of paper. 😡

    • “..all that’s got waste is (are) a ‘bit’ of papers.” and the time they used to re-calculate Xue Jiao’s part(s). The time which she thought was less than they needed now.

      It’s said the she was a different type of person. And I take it as she has different approach in solving mathematics. So, her lack of understanding in how XJ usually solve mathematics questions/problems made her cautious (distrust in XJ).

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