SAPPS Chapter 21

“Can I fix it, we’ve already bought all the materials.”

Tai Wude: “……” Shit, he was obsessed before that’s why he believed Wei San’s nonsense.

“Don’t worry, I’ll fix it for you before school starts.”

Although she accepted the job of repairing the mecha, Wei San didn’t leave her other activities behind. She just took time out of her day to go to Tai Wude’s house.

Tai Wude was frightened as watched his mecha get torn to pieces. He regretted why he believed Wei San’s words before falling asleep every night.

The ornamental mechas had no requirements for perception grade, so the attack power was equal to zero. 700000 star coins sounded like a lot of money, but in fact, it could only transform the hardness of the mecha shell and the engine. This was because the Wei San compressed the engine material, so it only cost 700000.

For the transformation of the mecha shell, Wei San placed it last. First, she repaired the broken engine and increased the power source.


Wei San installed the engine and got up to Tai Wude who was biting his nails, saying: “Try it.”

Tai Wude pointed to the mecha: “You didn’t even place the shell on!”

“Don’t worry, it won’t fall apart. Can’t you just try it first.”

Tai Wude climbed up to the mecha operating room gingerly and tentatively moved around: “Yi?” It really could move.

He controlled the mecha and walked around the training room. He was overjoyed: “It’s fine now!” It was more flexible than before.

“Ok enough, come down first. Let me change the shell of the mecha and then install it.” Wei San doesn’t have much novelty regarding this kind of mecha. The simple commands in the control room couldn’t attack at all. Occasionally going in to control the mecha for a walk was more like it.

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Tai Wude came out from the inside and verbalized excitedly, “Where did you learn this technology from? It’s very powerful.”

Wei San had just put on gloves to melt the Youjin. This material was too expensive. She planned to add Youjin to the joint of the mecha. For the other places, forget about it.

It wasn’t until the day before school, Wei San finally transformed Tai Wude’s mecha. He manipulated the mecha and walked around outside. When he came down to see Wei San, his eyes expressed a different meaning.

“Wei San, in the future I’ll cover……”After her eyes swept over, Tai Wude immediately changed his tone, “We, we are brothers!”

Wei San didn’t take it to heart. It’s already a happy thing to practice with mecha.



Before dawn, Wei San curled up on the bed in sweat and took a breath of air conditioning while hugging her legs.

She has cramps again.

After enduring for a long time, Wei San slowly recuperated. Her face was pale and half against the wall.

In her original world, she had never had such pain during her development, and now she has cramps from time to time.

Wei San grew quickly, but her muscles couldn’t keep up. Her body was as thin as a hemp stalk even if the teacher’s mother supplemented her food with fish and meat everyday.

Wiping the sweat off her forehead, Wei San came out of the room and just happened to meet Li Pi.

“On the first day of school, you’re so unenergetic.” Li Pi glanced at Wei San, “Another cramp?”

“It’s nothing.”

Li Pi frowned: “You should eat more normally. Later, I’ll ask your Shiniang to cook more delicious food.”

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  2. She really fixed the mecha for the price of a skewer? Is she an idiot? She’s been lamenting how she couldn’t afford the transfer to the engineering major for so long, and she just pass on such an opportunity to fleece a local moneybags?

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