SOOEW Chapter 279 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates I

When Wen Ying opened her eyes again, she found herself in a strange and unfamiliar room. Before she had time to look around, the person standing in front of her first attracted all her attention.

A man with black hair and eyes shrank in the corner and gasped. His delicate face was flushed, and his thin white body trembled and contracted with self-protection actions, showing his depression and restraint. His skin was as white as snow, his lips were bright red, and his facial features were quite exquisite, even beautiful.

This was the male Omega, and also the fallen envoy of the world, Allen.

At the moment, the room was floating with an extremely sweet smell, which was refreshing.

The man’s eyes suddenly looked at her and sighed: “Beatrice, I don’t blame you, but don’t blame Cyril, okay?” His eyes had red blood after struggling, but his eyes were still clear, which made people feel good.

Wen Ying didn’t react for a moment. She saw he looked at herself and she subconsciously touched her face. Instead, she felt tears on her face.

Beatrice was her name in this world.

There was also a third person in the room. The man called Cyril by Allen was kneeling beside him on one leg. There was an injection in his hand, which slowly pushed some liquid into Allen’s skin, and Allen’s breathing was gentle. At the same time, it also made the aroma in the room disperse slowly.

Cyril’s appearance was also outstanding, and his blonde hair was pure as if he could shine——he was indeed one of the lights on the light source map. At first glance, everyone would be deceived by his gentle blue eyes like the ocean. He was tall and slender with broad shoulders. Even if he kneeled on the ground, there was a pressure emanating from him, so people could only look up. The black eyed man shrank beside him and was like a girl.

At present, Cyril’s gentle eyes became a little more cold and fierce. He said: “Clark’s family has only second-class stars. Don’t do anything you regret. If some words spread, you know the consequences.”

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He only glanced at Wen Ying, but made Wen Ying’s heart shrink suddenly and beat painfully and slowly. It was the reaction of the original owner that had not faded.

The Clark family, the family of the original owner. The warning forced her to restrain her mind.

Before that, Wen Ying had learned something and knew that she was now in an extremely embarrassing situation. Allen, the fallen envoy, was a male Omega. According to common sense, Omega was weak and vulnerable, and was protected by society. They were not qualified to be admitted to the military department, because it was a disaster to be in a Department with Alphas. But Allen had S-class mental strength. He was not willing to exist as a fertility machine. He successfully concealed his gender with Omega inhibitors, became a Beta and was admitted to the military department of the free federal college.

The existence of inhibitors could only temporarily suppress the pheromone secretion of Omegas. It was a prohibited item in the free Federation and only circulated in the black market. Allen’s estrus was coming. He finally obtained the inhibitor from the black market, but the original owner found some clues and won the inhibitor from him, which nearly made him go into estrus in school.

At this time, Cyril successfully arrived, restrained the impulse of the original owner, took the person to an absolutely safe room, and then injected the inhibitor.

He slept with Allen and knew the truth that he was an Omega, but he didn’t report the matter because he appreciated the other’s mind and ability.

In this way, Beatrice, who had originally liked him, was greatly hit when she saw him defending another Omega.

Wen Ying adjusted her breathing, gently bit her trembling lips and said, “I don’t think I’m in the wrong.”

Cyril was slightly stunned, but before he spoke again, he saw her step back and run out of the door.

His handsome face frowned slightly, but Alan gasped and drew back his attention: “Thank you, Cyril……I didn’t think you knew I was an Omega and would help me.”

“It’s nothing,” Cyril said carelessly. “Your talent should not be wasted. As for Beatrice, I’ll let her shut her mouth.”

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