WFILTU Chapter 365 – Father-in-law I

Xue Jiao sat down next to them. Xu Jing didn’t agree, but Zheng Jiakun had promised, so she didn’t say anything.

Just in her heart, she felt that Xue Jiao could not help.

If these calculations were really simple calculations that anyone could calculate, what were they doing here?

Direct programming with a computer?

The calculation of calculus required the assistance of drawings.

Xue Jiao has not studied advanced numbers and analytic geometry, how could she know how to calculate?

Xu Jing shook her head and stopped paying attention to her.

She and Zheng Jiakun have to calculate all the data and send the data to the Graduate Office today.

The task was arduous, and these cumbersome and not simple calculations were quite time-consuming and energy-consuming.

Zheng Jiakun was very fast. Xu Jing knows that the main force tonight must be him. She was just a helper.

“Senior sister, I think the division and cooperation of the other senior brothers and sisters are still prone to problems. Moreover, our progress is different. Let’s count it once so that we can check the data. Check it every five, so there would be no mistakes.” Zheng Jiakun pushed his glasses and spoke seriously.

Xu Jing’s face was a little red and she hesitated: “I must be slower than you.……”

Check every five……she definitely can’t catch up with the speed of this crazy devil!

She knows Zheng Jiakun was terrible.

“It’s all right. After you calculate it, you can check mine with your data.” Zheng Jiakun paused, “Gu Xuejiao too.”

“Would it take long?” Xu Jing asked again.

Zheng Jiakun was helpless: “There’s no way. This is the only way. We must produce results today and use them tomorrow.”

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When he finished speaking, he bowed his head first.

She saw that Zheng Jiakun had begun to bow his head and began to calculate.

If other people had the same progress, they could cooperate, but Zheng Jiakun’s speed was not at the same level as them. Xu Jing couldn’t cooperate with him, so she could only do this……

Xue Jiao didn’t hurry to write. She read it first.

In fact, Xuejiao knows how to calculate this. She saw it before when the senior brothers and sisters had calculated it.

But Xue Jiao was not in a hurry to start the calculation. She opened the analytical geometry, turned to a few pages, and looked at it carefully again.

Xu Jing just looked up and saw Xue Jiao reading, so she frowned even more tightly.

She was even reading on the side!

Does this person regard college mathematics as primary school mathematics!

Xu Jing shook her head and continued to calculate.

The amount of calculation was too large. She doesn’t dare to waste a minute, so Zheng Jiakun won’t have to wait for her for a long time.

Xue Jiao doesn’t know what Xu Jing thought after she looked at her, but even if she knows, Xue Jiao won’t care.

She came into contact with geometry related things in year two for the mathematics competition. By analogy, even if the places used were different, the essential things are the same, and these two days, she and Lin Zhihua will FaceTime everyday. She would consciously take their calculations related things to discuss with Lin Zhihua.

Xue Jiao didn’t start to calculate in a hurry. One was to be more sure, and the other was to find out what she didn’t understand.

Ten minutes later, Xue Jiao closed the book and began to move her pen.

Next to her, Zheng Jiakun had finished three periods, and Xu Jing had just finished the first one. She was very worried.

But her sight was still uncontrollable, and she placed it on Xue Jiao again. She.……began to calculate?

The speed of Xue Jiao was very fast. Her pen, like Zheng Jiakun’s pen, has almost no stagnation. Some geometric shapes were painted on the white paper next to her.

Her mouth was moving slightly.

Xu Jing’s pupil shrank slightly. She’s doing oral arithmetic!

She must be fooling around! She can’t calculate it!

Xu Jing told herself that. Zheng Jiakun was already calculating the fourth period. So she lowered her head and began to calculate her own.

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  1. Sigh…this Xu Jing character is getting rather annoying.

    Thank you for the chapter!

      • I guess it’s not more about bitchy but about being a talented genius. Moreover given the background, it’s supposed to be post-grad research material. They even mention that the few undergrads that come are just sort of part-timers.
        How can you trust a high-schooler? Even if she’s the top scorer, you still need to learn the basic courses for it. No one knows about her tutions with Lin Zhihua, so they still think that they would need to first give her tutions (which IMO would’ve started after this current project)
        My guess is that Zheng Jiakun must’ve been told by Zhihua to take care of her (& her progress) or that he’s supposed to be the 3rd ML

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  3. You know what Xu Jing.. instead of minding your own calculations in order for you to be fast enough..since you’re a senior sister already 🙄…why still keep minding XueJiao’s calculations? You could’ve be fast enough so that you can takeover XueJiao’s girl 🥴🥴

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