WFILTU Chapter 366 – Father-in-law II

Half an hour later, Xu Jing finished the fourth period and looked up.

On the opposite side, on the form next to Zheng Jiakun, ten have been filled in! Next to him, there were ten pieces of calculated data.

Xu Jing admired and looks at Xue Jiao next to her……

Seven? !

How was that possible?!

Xu Jing’s face was unbelievable. Subconsciously, she looked at it with her head held high. She was randomly calculating? !

Xu Jing’s mouth was slightly long, then she simply stood up and looked at Xue Jiao. Her left hand pointed to one data after another, her right hand drew pictures, her mouth opened and closed silently, and then she wrote down the data of the eighth period.

“Gu Xuejiao! Are you so fast? !” Xu Jing couldn’t believe it and didn’t want to believe it.

Xue Jiao was calculating seriously and she looked up blankly: “Ah?”

“How could you be so fast!” Xu Jing stretched out her hand. “Show me your data sheet.”

Xue Jiao gave her the form she had filled in. Xu Jing looked at the four in front with a shocked face……


“Show me.” Zheng Jiakun took the form from the stiff Xu Jing.

He looked at it and loosened his eyebrows. “All correct.”

Zheng Jiakun paused, dragged his chair to sit next to Xue Jiao, and said, “Gu Xuejiao, let’s cooperate.”

“En?” Xue Jiao was stunned.

“I calculate the eleventh time period. You calculate the twelfth time period a little later than me, and then give me the data of the twelfth time period. I calculate the thirteenth. Connect faster.”

Xue Jiao understood that they have four data sets in each period, and each data was to be used in the next period. Zheng Jiakun calculates the first data, and Xue Jiao uses the first data to calculate the first data of the next period. Then, when he calculates the second data, Xue Jiao is about to use the second data.

When he starts the 13th time period, the data of the 12th time period will also come out, and she can continue the 14th time period.

This was the most reasonable arrangement of time, but…..:

They  must keep up with each other!

“Alright, let’s start.” Xue Jiao nodded.

Xu Jing’s mouth grew bigger and her face was shocked.

“Then I.…..”

“You can’t keep up with the speed. Gu Xuejiao and I can do it.” Zheng Jiakun was too straightforward.

Xu Jing: “……”

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Her face flushed.

Zheng Jiakun has bowed her head to start, and Xue Jiao has bowed her head to keep up. She was not distracted. She wanted to go back early. It’s better to finish the calculations early.

Xu Jing doesn’t believe that Xue Jiao could really do it. After all, she hasn’t contacted the mathematics class in University!

But what Zheng Jiakun said can’t be false. Besides.……she has calculated seven periods.

And.……it’s actually all calculated right……

Now they want to cooperate because Gu Xuejiao can keep up with Zheng Jiakun.

Xu Jing looked at them rigidly. They were both very fast without stagnation.

Zheng Jiakun calculated the data and reported it: “3.6.”

“En.” Xue Jiao nodded and began to draw.

Xu Jing stared. She thought that the Zheng Jiakun she met in her life was the only “freak”. Now, such a “freak”……

There’s another one!

She sat blankly looking at them.

One left hand pointed to the data, a right hand drew a picture and did mental arithmetic.

One left hand pointed to the data, the right hand drew pictures and calculated orally.

They were very fast, Xue Jiao.……could actually really keep up with Zheng Jiakun’s computing speed……

Xu Jing looked at the messy book used for calculation on her right hand and the few data papers next to her, and gradually fell into silence.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Zheng Jiakun stopped writing, “Are you done?”

Xue Jiao didn’t look back, but her speed was still the same.

After a moment, she stopped writing, “I’m done.”

Zheng Jiakun took the form of two kinds of handwriting between the two and looked at it carefully.

Very soon, his eyebrows loosened and his face relaxed: “Ok.”

Xue Jiao moved her stiff back and smiled, “That’s good!”

“You’re very strong, Gu Xuejiao,” said Zheng Jiakun.

Xue Jiao shook her head and said seriously, “I’m just good at calculations. Senior brother is very strong in all aspects.”

Zheng Jiakun didn’t speak any more. He noticed the Xu Jing nearby, and his voice was slightly surprised——

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