SOOEW Chapter 280 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates II

After Wen Ying ran out, her hanging heart relaxed slightly. In the original track, the original owner and Cyril fought head to head, which not only did not change each other’s volition, but also caused each other’s outrage. Even if her Clark family was a second-class star family, it was only a little difficult for Cyril to destroy it.

The original owner was making trouble with Cyril by virtue of the friendship they grew up with. Unexpectedly, there was no friendship in the other party’s dictionary. When it was time to start rectification, he was not soft-hearted, so that the original owner succumbed to the pressure of reality and pressed Allen’s secret to the bottom of her heart.

She was not prepared to yield to the other party, nor to waste time fighting with Cyril. It was simply the best policy to let go.

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Omega has a special college to study entertainment subjects. One of her colleges was subordinate to the Free Federation college, which was different from Allen and Cyril. But on weekdays, they could enter other departments of the college when ensuring that their estrus period does not arrive during that time frame.

She learned from the common sense in her memory, sent messages from her personal terminal, got into the magnetically levitated car configured for her at home, and returned to her college.

The Omega exclusive college was extremely peaceful. Unlike the all metal doors and walls of the military department, which has a cold and hard style, it was much softer here. The flowers bloom in spring. With the music coming into her ears from an unknown window, her noisy heartbeat becomes calm.

At the beginning of a rather novel and interesting environment, people will always become excited unconsciously. Wen Ying also feels like a countryman entering the city now.

Her room was also exclusive. After “scanning her face”, she entered, and fell back on the big bed. She adjusted the bed to the wave mode. The whole person was like a small boat in the sea, pushed by the waves. There were light waves lapping on the shore, and the light of the ceiling lamp was warm, making people want to sleep comfortably. She did enjoy falling asleep.

It was dark and calm when she woke up again. The ceiling light has been automatically changed into night. The ceiling seems to be full of broken stars. It was very romantic.

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