SOOEW Chapter 281 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates III

What spoiled the atmosphere was that she received a message from Cyril on her personal terminal, which was also an undisguised warning. After thinking about it, she returned it with her original earth emoticon of “: (“, and left it alone.

After all, she had important things to do.

In the interstellar era, the network was very developed, and even the holographic technology that appeared only in modern novels has been fully developed and mature here. As long as she logs into the interstellar network——Star Network for short, she would enter the holographic virtual world, which was almost no different from the real world. In terms of entertainment, it was still better than the real world and could accommodate all people of the Free Federation. It was the favorite place for students.

At this time, Wen Ying remembered that the world’s most important standard for evaluating a person, physical and mental strength, E was the lowest, all the way up to 2S as the highest rank.

Beatrice’s mental strength was A, but her physique was C, which was the common level of Omega. Allen’s mental strength was S, physique A, and has room for progress in the future, which was really very rare. In this regard, she was in a weak position.

In the Star Network, these two kinds of data are the only data that cannot be modified except identity information. Other data, whether name or face, can be changed arbitrarily. Therefore, the battle in the star network was not like online games. The strong in real life are still strong here and follow the rules of the strong being always strong and the weak being always weak. Even so, there were still as many competitions and challenges here as there is hair on a ox, because even if you are seriously injured, it will not have any impact on the reality. It was a good place for practice.

The original owner was blond like Cyril. There seems to be a pulse of water in her blue eyes. She was beautiful, pitiful and lovable. Even as a Omega, she was very outstanding.

So Wen Ying pinched her face again, and changed Beatrice’s name to “Cinderella with an assault rifle”.

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The streets of the Star Network were bustling with people coming and going, which was much more lively than the real world. People could see all kinds of strange names with a brooch and a famous brand on their left chest. Wen Ying took a glance, then she slipped into an exercise hall. She swiped her card, bought a training book, swiped into an empty room, and was ready to start her emergency training.

She hasn’t had a fight since she was a child, but she has to fight here.

In a few days, Allen would participate in an underground gambling competition in the Star Network for a huge bonus. The only valuable thing he could press on as money was the smart armor soul piece. The so-called smart armor soul piece was the “soul” of the smart armor. The reason is that only when the soul piece was installed in the high-level machine armor could it become a real intelligent machine armor. The price was very high, and ordinary people may not be able to afford to lose their money.

Allen didn’t want to sell it, so he would take it to participate in the underground gambling under conditions where he was sure.

Because the other bright spot in the world, Chris, the defector of the Ackerman family, also a special star, was seriously injured in an accident. His soul was attached to the soul piece and was picked up by Allen. He gave Allen a lot of guidance to make him stand out in the excellent and powerful Alpha cloud military department.

What Wen Ying wanted to do was to take advantage of this opportunity to win the soul piece.

Under her lofty feelings, she flew out and kicked the elastic ball shot from the training wall.

She missed.

The elastic ball bounced from the wall and fell to the ground, revealing the friendly smiling face sign painted on it.

Wen Ying: “……”

This was naked mockery, wasn’t it?

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