SOOEW Chapter 282 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates IV

The gambling was not a fight between two people, but hitting the target object to interfere with each other and increase the brilliance of the event. At the same time, everyone should put an equivalent or premium item, which will be attributed to the champion together with the huge bonus provided by the martial arts school after the game.

This was one of the means for the martial arts school to attract guests. Naturally, it also attracted Allen who emptied his wallet to buy inhibitors.

Time is very urgent. After all, Allen has the strength to enter the military department of the free federal college. Moreover, even for Omegas, male Omegas have a higher force value than female Omegas. If Wen Ying wanted to defeat him, it would be almost an impossible task in a short time. Before, she may give up on this shortcut and start from other angles. But fortunately, she got the reward of “spiritual light” in the last space evaluation.

Hitting the elastic ball was a routine item in the training hall to test people’s reaction ability. After the first test, Wen Ying achieved a good result of 1 minute. The only ball was hit by luck. That leg flew high. After she hit it, she fell to the ground because she lost her balance. The pain in the virtual network will also give people a real feeling. Wen Ying hissed and stood up with her elbow, and her expression changed slightly.

Just for a moment, she seemed to have found a feeling in her heart.

She pressed the empty button on the operation panel, the ball rolling all over the room disappeared in a moment, and then pressed the “start again” option.

At high speeds, the wall sends out the elastic ball again and pops up at the speed of three seconds. She bounces slightly in place. The next second, her body tilts and jumps out to the right. At the same time, she bends her knees and kicks hard forward!

Center bounce!

The ball bounced face-to-face on her stretched instep, changed speed and shot straight at the opposite wall! Then it turned into scattered light and disappeared into the wall.

At the same time, the lazy line suddenly jumped up on the virtual electronic screen recording indoor data.

Her sense of achievement was beyond her ability to express. She jumped excitedly in the room and continued training with a fighting spirit.

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If someone was in the training room at this time, they would find that there has been a strong change in the person in front of them, from repeatedly failing to hit at the beginning to hitting 100 goals at the back. The data on the virtual electronic screen suddenly changed. The originally peaceful green line like a plant lying on the ground suddenly changed, quickly became red, and climbed to a high place at an incredible speed.

The achievements that ordinary people need a whole year of training to achieve were shortened ten to a hundred times on Wen Ying. As long as she grasps her thoughts, inspiration will pour down naturally.

After trying the uniform elastic ball test, she tried various ways such as variable speed, multi ball, fixed-point scoring system and so on, constantly refreshing her personal best results.

In the next few days, she will challenge a new project every day, study it thoroughly in a short time, and then switch to other modes. High intensity exercise undoubtedly makes her grow up quickly.

Just as she was sucking up the black tea tasting nutrient solution and recalling Allen’s ability level and combat performance at the present stage, she didn’t know that her data report was sent to the person behind the training hall.

The Swift family has a special position in the military. It has always been at the front end of the excavation of outstanding talents in the future. There were large and small points in both the real world and the interstellar network to make open and secret visits to outstanding people. The training hall Wen Ying went to was the industry under the name of the Swift family. It happened that Cyril was appointed by the family to be responsible for the supervision and inspection of the major training halls in the star network after he was promoted to the senior year.

This information statement about her was sent to Cyril’s desk.

He loaded the electronic report into his light brain and played it automatically on the virtual screen. He glanced at it roughly and asked, “This is an Omega?”

Omega goes to the training hall for physical training. It’s strange, but it’s worthless.

When he saw it, he was about to close the screen. The person in charge hurriedly asked him to look down. Only then did he have the patience to continue browsing this odd data report.

When he reached a certain page, he suddenly stretched out his hand and ordered a pause.

The person in charge cleverly reported: “At the beginning, we didn’t pay attention to this person. Their initial value was very ordinary, or even.……bad. Looking at the data in front, people really mistook him for class C physique, but from the data in the back, I think it should be that the other party didn’t take it seriously at the beginning. Their highest value was close to the record in the museum, but they didn’t break through it every time. It seems that they could do it easily.”

Cyril thought, “There is another possibility, his spiritual power is very high. Spiritual power above grade A has good performance in comprehension ability, but he can have such achievements.……”

Among the people living in the Free Federation, no one but Chris, a freak of the political family, could have such a high understanding.

At the thought of this, Cyril was a little interested and wanted to check the other’s personal data. However, except for a strange name and an ordinary face, there was no other definite information, including gender. The data was marked with a question mark. It can be seen that it was only the estimation of the head of the training center.

“His information is encrypted. I don’t have permission to access it.”

“So, at least it’s a family with more than third-class stars.”

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