WFILTU Chapter 369 – Father-in-law V

Time, in the afternoon of the next day.

Lin Zhihua answered.

At noon that day, Lin Zhihua put on a brand-new suit and arranged his hair.

“Boss……” Tan Qi couldn’t help making a noise. He wasn’t as steady as Chen Yan and couldn’t control his emotions.


“Which boss are you1*formal form of you going to see?” After dressing up for so long, what kind of god was the other party?

Lin Zhihua looked in the mirror. He was well dressed, calm and not old-fashioned. He couldn’t find any problems.

He raised his eyebrows and smiled: “Future father-in-law.”

Tan Qi: “……” ? ? ? ? ?


He suspected that he had heard wrong.

Lin Zhihua didn’t say any more. Tan Qi didn’t dare to ask any more questions even if he was shocked.

At this time, Chen Yan came back.

“Boss, everything is ready.”

Tan Qi looked at the man behind Chen Yan in surprise. He was a well-known gold medal lawyer, Lawyer Zhou.

Meet his father-in-law……

What are you doing with a lawyer? !

Lin Zhihua looked at the time and said with a slight smile, “Let’s go. I can’t let my father-in-law wait for me.”

As he spoke, he walked away.

Lawyer Zhou immediately followed with his briefcase.

Tan Qi held back Chen Yan: “Secretary Chen, Secretary Chen! Is the boss really going to see his father-in-law? Why did he bring a lawyer? Tell me quickly?”

Chen Yan frowned expressionless, gently opened his hand and said, “Tan Qi, you’d better be as quiet as a chicken today. If you destroy the boss’s big event, you——”

As he spoke, he scratched his neck with his hand.

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This was Chen Yan’s rare mischief, but Tan Qi trembled with fear.

Chen Yan walked away, and Tan Qi hurried to keep up.

Sometimes, it’s not coming later that makes you look impressive.

For example, today, Cheng Shuo was ready to arrive early, so that when Lin Zhihua came, he could sneer.

Hence, he brought Li Sitong and arrived half an hour early.

However, when they got to the door, there was a man standing at the door of the private room, Lin Zhihua’s assistant, Tan Qi.

They then opened the door. There were three more inside.

“Uncle Cheng, you2*formal form of you came.” Lin Zhihua stood up with a smile and pulled the chairs out.

The breath Cheng Shuo wanted to strike first was held in and couldn’t get out.

“Aiyah, you’re welcome.” Li Sitong already narrowed her eyes into a smile.

Cheng Shuo pulled on her, and she quickly put away her smile.

At the moment they sat, Chen Yan respectfully picked up the tea, and Lin Zhihua personally poured water for Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong.

Cheng Shuo feels even more flustered……

“What are you doing bringing so many people? Fighting?” He couldn’t help picking bones in his eggs.

Lin Zhihua was not angry either. He smiled and said, “They’ll just help be the witnesses later.”

“Witness what?”

“Witness to what I said today.” Lin Zhihua was still smiling slightly.

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  1. Err…Cheng Shuo, I think you’re an amazing Dad but it doesn’t look like you’re a match for a prepared Lin Zhihua.

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  2. Lol CS was like.. I’ll scold LZ for making me wait by coming super early before the appointed time. But he got beat at his own game xD
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  4. its more like.. LZ will give all his money and properties to Jiaojiao once he let her cry one day..that’s why there’s lawyer there?? that’s how I feel like it…to show his sincerity.

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