WFILTU Chapter 370 – Father-in-law VI

Cheng Shuo stared at him for a moment and snorted coldly, “Forget it, I’ll just say it straight out. Stay further away from Jiao Jiao. You guys are not suitable.”

“Why are we not suitable?” Lin Zhihua asked back.

“You are too old!”

“Uncle Cheng, I’m 27 this year.” 27, it’s really not too old……

“But you are older than Jiao Jiao by nine years!” Cheng Shuo glowered.

Lin Zhihua looked at the tea in front of him, and his eyes gradually deepened——

“Isn’t it just perfect that I am older than her? I experienced the hardships she would experience in her life in advance, and I walked ahead of the unknown in front. In the future, I will protect her from the rough life, sweep away the thorns for her, gently remind her when she is on the wrong road, and protect her when she hits the south wall to help her avoid injuries.”

He raised his head and looked serious, “I’m just nine years older than her.”

“Jiao Jiao should find someone of the same age and like-minded, not unattainable.” Cheng Shuo’s voice became sharp.

Lin Zhihua was still serious: “But I’m not unattainable. No matter how high I stand, I’m willing to walk down for her.”

He paused and mentioned the person he had never wanted to mention: “The same age is not necessarily a good thing. Yi Tianyu and Jiao Jiao have been at the same table for two years. Even if Jiao Jiao had a good feeling, she refused him. People of the same age bring an immature burden to Jiao Jiao. Although Jiao Jiao is petite, she is a flying eagle in her heart. She is mature and rational. I am willing to fly with her, but others cannot.”

Lin Zhihua always knew where Yi Tianyu lost. He was glad to meet Jiao Jiao when he was already the most mature version of himself.

Cheng Shuo was stunned. He doesn’t know that Xue Jiao has refused Yi Tianyu……

After a moment, he opened his mouth: “But you……You……”

His entire face turned red yet he couldn’t speak.


Cheng Shuo held his breath and rushed it out, “Your body!”

Lin Zhihua’s mouth moved slightly: “My body, no problem, Chen Yan.”

He called Chen Yan’s name, and the other party respectfully took out a few pieces of paper.

Lin Zhihua took it, placed it on the table and pushed it.

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“This is my physical examination report. All of it, very healthy.”

“That rumor……” Li Sitong interrupted.

Lin Zhihua’s mouth moved slightly, thinking of Xue Jiao, and his smile became different——

“That’s because I haven’t met anyone I want to come into contact with. As for rumors……why bother?”

Li Sitong’s face suddenly had a huge realization.

In recent years, Lin Zhihua never explained himself, but avoided women, so that the rumor spread more and became more terrible.

Cheng Shuo looked at Lin Zhihua. As a man, he knows the seriousness of the man opposite, but as a father, he still wants to pick some thorns.

After a long time, Cheng Shuo said——

“But after Jiao Jiao follows you, I can’t guarantee her future. You have too much power. I can’t support Jiao Jiao!”

He prefers to find an ordinary man, so that he can always support Jiao Jiao.

If the other party were Lin Zhihua, it was too easy to clean them up. He couldn’t even give Jiao Jiao support or help.

Lin Zhihua smiled. This was his biggest smile so far today——

“Uncle Cheng, in the future, the person who supports Jiao Jiao, is me.”

Cheng Shuo was stunned.

Lin Zhihua continued, “If you really don’t believe it, look at this, Lawyer Zhou.”

“Ok!” Lawyer Zhou stood up and took out a stack of documents.

He took out the first one: “After Mr. Lin Zhihua marries Ms. Gu Xuejiao, all the immoveable estate under his name, real estate and other immovables worth 1.1 billion, will be transferred to Ms. Gu Xuejiao.”

He took out the second copy: “All assets under Mr. Lin Zhihua’s name, including the Lin Group, will belong to both husband and wife.”

He took out the third copy: “Mr. Lin Zhihua promised that if he was ever sorry towards Ms. Gu Xuejiao, he will leave the marriage with nothing.”

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