SAPPS Chapter 25

“Today was the first practice, so everyone had a chance, but next week the students in the class would have practice classes in batches, so that everyone’s operation time can be extended. Alright, go home first.”

After the students dispersed, Li Pi patted Wei San who was waiting on the side: “Let’s go.”

After going back to wash, Wei San was ready to go to bed. Li Pi stopped her. He stopped talking and looked at Wei San.


“Wei San, I think you may be able to achieve results in the big five military academies in the future.” Li Pi’s eyes were a little complicated when he said this.

He had always expected that Wei San could enter the big five military academies, but that’s all. The big five military academies were beyond the reach of any ordinary person. It was a great honor to attend them, let alone how many capable people there are.

Of course, Wei San very naturally said, “Teacher, don’t worry. If I enter the big five military academies, I will definitely get good grades.”

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As a researcher, the biggest characteristic of Wei San was that she would make unswerving efforts while being serious.

Li Pi laughed because he underestimated the confidence of Wei San.

“Teacher, I, was lucky to have seen a student competition of the big five military academies at a close distance. Those people……” Li PI shook his head. “The phrase ‘the favored son of heaven’ was tailor-made for them.”

Wei San curled her lips: “I am also a favored son of heaven.” However she was born from the heavens and raised by the earth, an arrogant fool who picks up garbage.

Li Pi: “Alright, you’re amazing. Go to bed early.”

When Wei San closed the door to rest, Li Pi went back to the bedroom and whispered with his wife.

“Cook more food in the future. I suspect that Wei San hasn’t been eating very full.”

“Xiao Wei has not eaten full?” Shiniang sat up from bed, “What’s going on?”

Li Pi sighed: “I think her body hasn’t kept up with nutrition. Today’s mecha practice, she fainted as soon as she went up. She couldn’t move until they were full.”

The first brain intervention into the mecha controller would consume a lot of mental perception, so there was basically no possibility of controlling the mecha beyond this level, because once the person goes in, they would faint like Wei San today, and seriously hurt their mind.

That’s why Li Pi saw that Wei San had fallen to the ground and suddenly his face became ugly. He thought Wei San’s perception was too low.

Now it seems that it was obviously the lack of physical energy supply.

Shiniang spoke heartbreakingly, “No wonder Xiao Wei is so thin. She doesn’t even tell me.”

“She usually eats a lot. You and I just didn’t expect it.”

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  1. So that’s why she scores averagely on tests. She’s too hungry to do well.

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