SOOEW Chapter 283 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates V

“Yes, that’s why I reported it to you.”

According to the authority of the Swift family, even the Star Valve has the ability to know the information behind it.

However, Cyril picked and sifted out the people with a high understanding from Star Valve in his mind, but he didn’t find a suitable candidate. He thought about it carefully. If such a person exists in the Star Valve, he should have been cultivated by the family early on, rather than being abandoned in the training of basic projects.

Cyril pondered under the ardent eyes of the person in charge: “Probably the illegitimate son of a family……”

If it was an illegitimate child, the situation dealing with it would be much more complicated. In fact, after learning that he was a member of a Star Valve family, he didn’t want to know so urgently. The person in charge of the training center only recommended excellent talents and improved their performances, but he doesn’t know that even if the Swift family was a super star family, he couldn’t reach out too much to the members of other families.

He shook his head: “It’s just one training. There’s no need to study in depth for the time being. You continue to observe and report her data regularly.”


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The day of gambling and fighting came as scheduled. Of course, the project of the martial arts school was not simply hitting the elastic ball. The background of the venue was the vast sea of stars, in which the floating, impact and falling stones were their targets. The shape, size and speed were all different. The contestants should judge whether it was a scoring ball or a penalty ball according to the surface of the meteorite. There were also meteorites that produced negative effects. If they are hit by meteorites with lava lines, they would be eliminated. Become the person with the highest points within the specified time, or eliminate all the players, and you could become a winner.

This competition combined the traditional fighting mode and the setting of the holographic online games. It was quite novel and interesting. Before the competition, the venue was full of people.

But Wen Ying quickly found Allen among many players. He also adjusted his appearance. What remained unchanged was his slender and thin figure. It seemed thin, so people would take off their guard at a glance, and he inadvertently turned defeat into victory. Because of the poor living environment since childhood, he has perfected the use of playing the role of a pig and eating a tiger.

Sure enough, at the beginning of the game, when the good and the bad were mixed, he had used another burly man to cover up, and even hit the meteorite, which had not been found. Until later, the people on the field were gradually eliminated, and his scores rose steadily in the ranking list. People corresponded one by one. They found him strange and immediately listed him as one of the targets to be alert on.

After all, it’s an underground martial arts school. Most people come here for money. Some of them were lucky. They don’t have any real skills. They just bump into lava meteorites, turn into a piece of white light and dissipate in the competition field without fighting with others.

Compared with the high scoring players, Wen Ying was like an “audience” in this game, hiding left and flashing right, doing nothing, and not being eliminated was her primary goal.

She was unmoved by the boos from the audience.

Although she has been training for some time, neither she nor the original owner has participated in many people’s games. She dared not advance rashly and could only focus on steady defense. But——

There was an Alpha on the field, which was called the “butcher”. He took pleasure in playing with others. He played people around like a cat playing with a mouse before he eliminated them. After eliminating more than ten players in a row, he turned his head and just saw Wen Ying dodging. He laughed and mocked, “Only Omega can be so weak!”

Of course, he didn’t know that there were two Omegas in the field, he only used this to insult the other.

As his voice fell, the meteorite in a negative state hit Wen Ying’s arm at high speed under his blow. The meteorite was forced to explode and exploded out in a burst of smoke. At the moment of the smoke, Wen Ying clearly saw him kicking a lava meteorite at her!

At this moment, her attention was suddenly stretched straight like a thin line!

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