WFILTU Chapter 371 – King I

Lawyer Zhou finished speaking, placed all the information respectfully on the table, then stepped back and stood side by side with Chen Yan.

Lin Zhihua spoke slowly under the stunned eyes of Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong: “I don’t know what can convince you two. Promises and vows are unreliable. Apart from all the wealth I have, I don’t know what can be used to express my determination to spend my life with Jiao Jiao.”

Lin Zhihua was very serious. His eyes were firm. Cheng Shuo looked into his eyes and couldn’t speak.

Cheng Shuo didn’t look down at the contract documents. He kept looking at Lin Zhihua. The other party looked back at him firmly under his sharp sight.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time. I’ve made up my mind to live alone in my life. I’m mechanical and numb. I repeat my past life day by day, but I waited for Jiao Jiao, another color in my life.” Lin Zhihua had a light in his eyes. He thought of something and smiled gently from the corners of his mouth.

Cheng Shuo opened his mouth and spoke after a long while, “What we say don’t count……it’s up to Jiao Jiao herself to decide……”

Lin Zhihua smiled: “Uncle Cheng, it’s enough if you support me or don’t stop me. Jiao Jiao……I believe one day, she will fall in love with me.”

Cheng Shuo: “……”

He didn’t speak and didn’t look at the documents. He hurried away with Li Sitong.

It’s a mistake!

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He was supposed to stop Lin Zhihua. How come he was almost persuaded by him in the end? !

As soon as Cheng Shuo walked out of the door, he sighed heavily.

Li Sitong didn’t speak until she got into the car. She suddenly said, “I like Lin Zhihua very much. If Jiao Jiao can be with him, I can rest assured.”

Cheng Shuo turned his head and said, “Why?”

“He’s right. Although he’s older than Jiao Jiao, he has great advantages. He can protect Jiao Jiao more than children of Yi Tianyu’s age.” Li Sitong’s voice was soft.

“How do you know he won’t hurt Jiao Jiao?”

Li Sitong looked up and looked at a place: “Many men are very powerful. They value money and face more than anything. There is such a high-ranking man. In order to like the girl, he can not have his face, lower his voice to her parents, or share the sky high property in his name to the person he loves. I think this determination and trust alone is more than enough.”

Cheng Shuo didn’t speak or start the car. He stared at a position and didn’t move.

After a moment, he breathed a sigh of relief: “Even so, Jiao Jiao herself has to be willing . It’s useless for us to think so much.”

Li Sitong’s eyes became worried: “I’m afraid that she will impulsively run to a man who is not suitable for her like me from back then, and then taste the bitterness and pain, and finally only regret……”

When she was young, her father was rich and powerful. She was the princess of the ivory tower and the noble daughter. Unfortunately, she judged the wrong person in the end……

Fortunately, she met the right person now.

Li Sitong turned her head and just happened to meet Cheng Shuo’s worried expression.

She smiled, stretched out her hand and clasped her fingers with Cheng Shuo.

She just wanted her daughter to not traverse on the wrong path like her.

Cheng Shuo, Li Sitong and Lin Zhihua have already met on the issue of Xue Jiao.

As for the other party, Gu Xuejiao didn’t know anything.

Ever since the calculation with Zheng Jiakun, senior sister Xu Jing’s eyes towards Xue Jiao were extremely complex.

Such eyes were not annoying, but they were quite strangely troublesome.

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