SAPPS Chapter 26

Wei San didn’t know what they were talking about, but from the next day, the amount of each meal obviously increased. Shiniang often stuffed things for her to eat with her. In addition, Tai Wude would offer food every so often. No, it was asking her to help eliminate sin.

So in the year of graduation, Wei San passed the time with relish. The frequency of dizziness began to decrease. She grew some meat on her body. At last, she looked like a normal teenager and was not so thin.

“How did you do that yesterday?” Tai Wude pushed a box of cakes over to please and look at Wei San.

He asked about yesterday’s operation of the satellite to control the mecha to cut a flower on A4 paper.

The grade B mecha of 3212 Institute was very general and the model was old. Because of poverty, the school couldn’t afford the energy to let students practice attack moves. Moreover, most students can’t even control the mecha well.

Tai Wude originally had a mecha. Although it was only an ornamental mecha, with experience and grade A perception, the running and jumping movements of the mecha could be completed very well.

Not long ago, he also controlled the mecha to dance. The joint rhythm surprised even the teacher. No teacher in the school could finesse the mecha to that level. After all, there was no A grade perception teacher in 3212 Insitute.

But to have the control to cut flowers on A4 paper, Tai Wude couldn’t do it. The mecha hand was too big and the paper was too thin.

“Just do it like that.” Wei San took a bite of the cake. “Control your fingers and keep your balance.”

Tai Wude heard this and took out another box of food from behind and placed it in front of Wei San.

Wei San opened it, took a look and closed the box with satisfaction: “Alright, I’ll teach you next class.”

They only had the last semester left. All the top students in each class were selected and reorganized into a practical class. They individually used the single mecha.

Wei San was now in the same class as Tai Wude.

“There are still a few months to test your perception. Are you nervous?” Tai Wude asked Wei San.

“A little.” Wei San only had a general understanding of this matter.

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Tai Wude thought for a moment and said seriously, “You are stronger than me. You could control the combat mecha so quickly, so you must be grade A.”


The next day, after entering the mecha cockpit, Wei San turned on the light brain and recorded the video, so that Tai Wude could see her actions clearly. The control board was complex, and the various key combinations needed to be explored by herself. She knew the operation of the mecha better than others, so she would learn things faster.

“Do you see clearly?” Wei San asked when he came down.

“I see.” Tai Wude didn’t hurry up. Instead, he pulled on Wei San’s arm. “We should practice mecha confrontation.”

Wei San glanced at his hand and said, “Confrontation means at least two mecha. We only have one mecha to train in turn.”

Tai Wude nodded: “I know. Could you change my family’s mecha so we could bring it to school to train against?”

Wei San tutted, “Do you think so highly of me?”

Tai Wude hardened his heart, “As long as you can do it, I will promise you any conditions.”

Tai Wude’s uncle lived on the big star. He often showed off his children when communicating with his father, such as what training the school had today. He was annoyed before. Later, he thought it would be good to get some news from his uncle.

His family was rich on Star 3212, but that was only on Star 3212. He couldn’t even go to a big star to attend school. To go to school on a slightly larger planet, you have to pay a lot of money before you can settle down. There were a series of huge expenses behind. Tai Wude could only stay on Star 3212.

Now facing graduation, Tai Wude was bound to go to the big five military academies, but the courses that many of the big stars have studied were not studied by him before. His parents were very anxious.

“If you want a complete transformation, I need to dismantle the mecha.” Wei San pointed to the mecha in front of her with her chin.

“Dismantle, dismantle the mecha?” Tai Wude stammered and asked, he clearly wanted Wei San to transform into such a mecha, but now she actually said she wanted to dismantle this mecha? !

“I’ll put it back after dismantling it to ensure that the mecha will not be damaged.”

As a former top engineer, it was a basic professional quality to install the disassembled things intact.

Tai Wude stared at the mecha in front and struggled for a long time. Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll have a try and attempt to get the school’s consent.”


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Wei San: What does the proud son of heaven count as? As a chosen one, I still have to pick up garbage to eat (- _-)

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