WFILTU Chapter 372 – King II

After other undergraduate senior brothers and sisters left, in room 305 there was only her and Xu Jing.

Xuejiao was watching linear algebra, Xu Jing was watching……her.

Her eyes were so focused that others couldn’t ignore them.

Xue Jiao stopped writing, looked up and said, “Senior sister, what’s the matter?”

Their gaze met. Xu Jing was stunned and shook her head——

“No, it’s nothing. Our task is completed. We’ll arrange it after the project team.”

“Oh.” Xue Jiao nodded, took back her sight and was ready to continue reading.

The knowledge of linear algebra was not difficult. She saw the mathematical model in a comprehensive mathematical problem yesterday. Now she can’t wait to finish reading linear algebra and probability theory, and then learn the mathematical model.


It was exciting just to think about it.

But Xu Jing seemed to have a sudden interest in chatting. She asked Xue Jiao, “Do you read this fast? This time, you finished reading advanced mathematics in less than a week?”

Xue Jiao nodded and smiled: “Many of it, I have learned or came into contact with before. I just want to understand the rest of the knowledge first. How to use it is still in practice.”

The more you contact, you find that you know too little. The current Xue Jiao was like a sponge. She couldn’t wait to suck everything into her head.

Xu Jing’s eyes were more complicated. Her junior sister……seems to really like math.

Such a person with this much love, but also had more talent than ordinary people.

She had four more likes and five more efforts compared to talented people.

It’s really……enviable.

“You and Zheng Jiakun……are very powerful……” Xu Jing sighed.

“Where is it, senior brother is busy in the graduate office every day. I’m still early……” Xue Jiao was helpless.

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Zheng Jiakun was really powerful. Xuejiao has known this man’s legend only a few days after she came here.

Xu Jing’s voice was envious: “Zheng Jiakun’s talent is really good. He was escorted, but do you know what his professional escort is?”

“What was it?” Xue Jiao was slightly stunned.

Xu Jing’s voice drifted: “Zheng Jiakun was a physics escort. After escort, he followed Professor Jin of the physics group to do the experiments. Then he did it for two months and suddenly said a famous saying……”

Towards the end, there was a smile in her mouth, obviously she thought of something happy.

Xue Jiao couldn’t help but place down her pen and wondered, “What did he say?”

“Zheng Jiakun said that he suddenly felt that the root of physics was mathematics. He didn’t learn mathematics well. He was going to study mathematics……”

“Ah?” Xue Jiao was confused.

“Then he went back to take the college entrance examination and came back to the mathematics department. Professor Jin was so angry that he came to our office to hammer him.” Xu Jing was obviously so happy.

Xue Jiao still looked confused: “He can actually still do this? ? ? !”

Xu Jing nodded with envy in her voice: “Professor Jin couldn’t bear to smash him. He was really good. He played with physics like wind and water. At that time, some people said he would regret it, but in fact, he played mathematics like wind and water.”

“That’s……really awesome.” Xue Jiao was stunned for a long time and sighed like this.

Isn’t that really strong? Life could be arbitrary to this point, it needs to have the strength to support it.

“Zheng Jiakun’s seat is next to you.” Xu Jing said suddenly.

Xue Jiao was stunned, looked at the empty table next to her, and looked back in doubt.

“But he spent most of his time in the research Office. The research Office is busy now. Recently, all the meals were brought back by others. This project was to help other groups make data and models. They are waiting there. They are in a hurry.” Xu Jing explained.

Xue Jiao nodded and suddenly had a realization.

No wonder the door of the Research Office is often closed and hasn’t been opened at all. Professor Tan also goes in every day. It’s estimated that it’s busy inside.

“Can we do anything to help?” Xue Jiao asked.

Xu Jing shook her head and looked meaningful: “What can we do to help? We can help with the most basic calculations. Undergraduates can’t help in anything except Zheng Jiakun. Otherwise, I’d like to help, but they can’t use us.”

She spoke with envy, “You are very talented. When you are a junior or senior, you may be able to help.”

Xue Jiao smiled shyly and said, “I hope I can help, too.”

Many things need to draw conclusions in practice, and only in practice can they better master knowledge.

Moreover, every time the mathematics team finishes a project, as long as they participate in it, they can use the data and results to have divergent thinking and write papers, which was very good for academic research.

“Work hard.” Xu Jing comforted, “We are not Zheng Jiakun, we can only work harder ourselves.”

Her heart was more balanced. Now she was not the only one who couldn’t help. Gu Xuejiao has a little talent and won the first prize in the mathematics competition. She was specially invited by Professor Tan to the project team, but she still couldn’t help.

Xu Jing’s heart was really balanced.

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