SAPPS Chapter 27

It was easier than Tai Wude thought.

At the beginning, when the school heard that they wanted to borrow the mecha for students to dismantle, naturally, they refused, saying that it was impossible. The school only had this one mecha, how could it be willing to let them borrow it?

Later, Tai Wude asked his father to go to school and said he would donate the mecha at home, but it was an ornamental mecha, so he wanted to dismantle the mecha in the school to learn, and then transform it into the same combat mecha.

The school hesitated.

If the transformation was successful, then there would be one more mecha in 3212 Institute. However, if the transformation was not successful, even the one mecha left in the school would be broken, and the gain was not worth the loss.

After hesitation, the school put forward another plan and agreed to lend a mecha, but the one who dismantled and transformed the mecha should be replaced by school teachers.

Tai Wude disagreed: “Which teacher in the school could transform the ornamental mecha into a combat mecha?”

He just said to take the mecha back and let the mecha engineer invited by his family transform it. He didn’t say that this person was Wei San.

Finally, the school compromised and agreed to hand it over to Tai Wude, but the school would send teachers as assistants.

The school director was really a chicken thief. First, the teacher can help in case of problems. Second, if the mecha engineer of the Tai family really had this ability, the teacher may learn something nearby.

Tai Wude rushed to contact Wei San on the light brain and said he had got the school’s mecha. Together, they decided to do their homework every night.

On the night when the mecha arrived at the Tai house, Wei San tore down the school mecha, and the two teachers who came next to her as assistants bugged out when they saw Wei San.

Looking at the skillful dismantling action of Wei San, a teacher hesitated and asked, “Aren’t you a student of Class B?”

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Wei San nodded and said yes, yet her hand’s movements were not slow at all. She carefully took out several main parts. As expected, it was much more complex than the ornamental mecha. It could even be said that it was two completely different systems.

Originally she thought it would be transformed soon, but now it seemed that it would take at least a month to do it well.

“It’s hard to buy the engine of a combat mecha on the market. It’s also a sky high price. It’s basically impossible to transform it.” Another teacher watched Wei San take out those parts and spoke.

Wei San just picked up the engine and went to the table next to her. Hearing the speech, he replied, “No buying, I’ll see if I can make it.”

The two teachers looked at each other, and their faces were full of disappointment and ridicule.

Originally, they saw that the student was skilled and might really know something. Now when they heard this, it was obvious that she didn’t understand the mecha at all. Was the engine so easy to create?

Wei San didn’t know and didn’t care what the two teachers were thinking. She disassembled the school mecha overnight. She didn’t let go of anything she could. The mecha several meters high became piles of parts.

“I’ll give you a purchase list. Buy all the things on it.” Wei San wrote for an hour, wrote all the parts she wanted on it and handed it to Tai Wude.

Tai Wude reached out and accepted it. Startled, this fucking list was two meters long. Wouldn’t he have to buy until his family’s fortunes were dissipated.

He looked carefully again, and his heart gave another what the fuck.

Every part on the list, from screws to metal joints, was marked with the purchase address and price.

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