WFILTU Chapter 374 – King IV

Lao Bai, who did the numerical simulation, blinked and pulled on his messy hair.

He.……hasn’t combed his hair for two days……

Two senior brothers also pulled on their clothes. Senior Sister Niu smiled: “Can’t speak when you see a beautiful woman? Not working anymore?”

“That.……junior sister.……sit.……”

A senior brother hurriedly dragged over a chair, but it was a pity that it was full of messy books and paper.

Senior Brother: “……”

He pushed it back awkwardly: “Junior sister.……stand for a while.……”

Xue Jiao smiled and said, “Hello, senior brothers and sisters. Can I help you with anything?”

Zheng Jiakun sat in the innermost part, stretched out his hand and raised it: “This way!”

Xue Jiao walked up quickly with a book and pen.

Zheng Jiakun dragged a chair for her and cleaned up the things on it: “Sit down, have you read about linear algebra? Can you read the mathematical model?”

“I’ve seen it, and I’ve come into contact with the mathematical model, but I’m not very good at it.” Xue Jiao told the truth.

Zheng Jiakun nodded and took out another pile of dense data.

“We now require parameters. All the previous data are fine, but it needs to be screened. Human labor is faster than machines. I’ll tell you how to screen and delimit the range first. We’ll work together later.”

Alright.” Xue Jiao had no nonsense, agreeing.

In front of them, they didn’t speak. Their senior brothers and sisters met each other’s eyes and were at a loss.

When Zheng Jiakun began to explain how to calculate to Xue Jiao, a senior brother bumped into the senior brother on the side——

“Ai, does junior brother like the junior sister? Otherwise, how can he find someone who can’t do anything and wants to teach her now?”

“It’s possible.……but hasn’t Zheng Jiakun always been serious? Is there such a trick?”

“Such a beautiful girl! Of course he has to move his hands first!”

“That makes sense.…..”

Another senior sister rolled her eyes: “That shouldn’t be possible. Zheng Jiakun knows we’re waiting for his parameters. How could he still have the time to flirt with her at this juncture?”

“Then you say why?”

“.….. I don’t know.”

“Look, you also don’t know why! Haha!”

“Stop talking, hurry and continue on!”


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They didn’t understand why. They thought Zheng Jiakun suddenly became enlightened in order to flirt.

But half an hour later——

“What is w?”


“k is 716.”

“Ok.” Xue Jiao’s mouth opened and closed. There was no sound. After a moment, she said, “en……w, 9.33.”

“Alright.” Zheng Jiakun paused for a moment and said, “k is 657.”


In the course of one person keeping following up right after the other, they kept up fast, their hands not stopping their calculations, then crossing out numbers, and leaving a few numbers.

Senior brothers: “……”

Senior sisters: “……”

“Gu Xuejiao kept up with Zheng Jiakun?”

“Shit, I thought Zheng Jiakun was the only one. The parameters must be calculated out very late. Now I think it will probably come out soon?”

“Looking at junior sister.……you would think she was bronze…”

“Supreme king ah!”

She has to say, Lin Zhihua was right. Sometimes looks are good, sometimes not.

Xue Jiao was beautiful. Zheng Jiakun called her in. Their first reaction was to flirt with their junior sister!

Yet the first reaction was not——this younger sister is very powerful.

“Freaking awesome……”

“Sure enough.…..what junior brother, junior sister.…..those carrying a junior title, are all not simple……”

“Nonsense, otherwise could they join Professor Tan’s project team early on?”

“That’s true too.”

It was also the cooperation with Zheng Jiakun, which became much more difficult. When Xue Jiao finished calculating, it was exactly six o’clock.

There was something jumping on her forehead, and her spirit was used to the extreme.

It could even be said that the use of the brain was a little excessive.

Zheng Jiakun was obviously uncomfortable, frowning and reaching out to press on his temples.

Senior brother Lao Bai and Senior Sister Niu came here, one massaging Zheng Jiakun and the other massaging Xue Jiao.

“Y’all worked hard, worked hard. Go back to bed early and have a good sleep.” Senior sister Niu pressed Xue Jiao’s temples several times and said with a smile.

Xue Jiao moved, a little embarrassed.

Senior Sister Niu laughed. Her appearance seemed ordinary, but she smiled very cutely: “You need a massage, our mathematics department often uses too much brain power when doing projects. If you don’t massage it, you won’t be able to get up tomorrow morning……you will have a splitting headache.”

“Little junior sister, sit and let senior sister massage it. You and Zheng Jiakun have been busy all afternoon. Calculating the amount that takes us two or three days. You must enjoy our considerate service. Senior sister’s craft has been practiced!” As he spoke, he took their data and ran the model in front of senior brother Lao Bai’s previous computer.

Senior sister massaged it for a while and then stopped: “ok, junior sister, go back and have a rest.”

“Thank you, senior sisters. Thank you, fellow senior brothers.” Xue Jiao laughed. Her head was really uncomfortable. She left 307 with her own book and pen.

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  1. Sigh, this is just getting more and more ridiculous. Now this super-amazing research team has somehow become a group of incompetents who are only useful for giving Xue Jiao some massages… I hope the story moves on soon.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    • that’s not it, at the beginning of the chapter she talks about the achievements of the entire graduate team and how she can’t achieve them and has to study harder, the last paragraphs explain she’s not better than the team, she’s better at computerized calculations, it means that she does simple calculations very quickly, if it is a difficult calculation she still cannot do it, it’s very difficult to be able to do calculations mentally, that’s why he teaches her simple calculations in the beginning, her strong point is not yet in difficult calculations, but simple knots with a lot of speed, and the massage is just a game to relax

      • explains from the beginning of the book she is not a genius but she is very dedicated, she wakes up at five in the morning and sleeps at ten, her learning always has an agenda and schedule, so she is very mechanized, different from a genius who can do things very difficult but not many geniuses can be mechanics, she has disciplined her brain for five years to act like a computer, she programs knowledge and repeats it like a copier

      • My question is more about how do they think manual calculation (computation) is faster than calculation by computer? As long as they have the correct formulas and program, you could input some numbers and you would get the results with one click. As a team of graduate grade project, and they’ve researched the subject for long, how do they still have no suitable program/formulas in their computers?

        Afaik, machine computing is indeed rarely used in mathematics research. But, it’s more because they use symbols instead of number in their “calculation”. When calculating number is needed, computer and calculator are used for cross-check.

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