SAPPS Chapter 29

The two teachers rushed over and looked confused: “We watched Wei San install the mecha. She didn’t do anything to the mecha.”

“The attack data of this machine armor has become stronger. Look at that steel plate.”

The assistant teacher looked at the fist pits and was stunned: “All the materials bought by Wei San have been used on another mecha. This mecha didn’t have anything added.”

“Why don’t you call Wei San over and ask?” The school suggested.

Li Pi refused: “She’s in class. Just send a message after school if you need anything.”

Finally, the school sent the teacher to send a message to ask. A lot of questions were sent. Wei San replied simply: “Nothing has been done. The elbow and arm bones and joints have been slightly changed, but the attack power should not be enhanced by much.”

Now the mecha has also returned, and its attack power has been enhanced, the school was completely relieved. It even wanted Wei San to help change the other mechas in the school.

Wei San only said that she would transform the Tai Wude mecha first, and then change the school mecha.


A month later, Tai Wude’s mecha was successfully transformed into a combat mecha similar to the school mecha. It took another two days to change the arm joints of the other mecha in the school.

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“I can’t say it’s exactly the same. There’s still a gap between your machine and the real grade B mechas, but it’s fine to practice with.” Wei San’s interest was waning.

Transformation has been transformed, but there were many principles she doesn’t understand.

“Just practicing is fine. We’re going to test perception in a few months. When we go to the big five military academies, it’s said that they would gift mechas.” Tai Wude drawled out.

“Give out mechas?” Wei San heard about it for the first time. “Are the big five military academies so rich?”

Tai Wude nodded: “I heard what my uncle said. As long as I enter the big five military schools, the school would give each student a mecha, especially rich.”

Wei San suddenly began to look forward to that day.

The students who could control the running and jumping of mecha in the school have begun to train for mecha confrontation. In fact, it was just two mecha battling, and the mecha of Tai Wude was officially requisitioned.

Regarding fighting, Wei San had come to this world before she had begun to learn. She personally thought that her fighting skills were average.

In fact, among those who saw Wei San fighting in the future, there was no one not afraid.

She didn’t want to fight at all. Now she changed to the mecha. Taking into account the general quality of the mecha, she restrained her hands.

“Wei San! Fuck you, don’t run if you have the ability! ! !” Tai Wude shouted angrily on the mecha communication channel.

The son of a bitch plays mecha confrontation completely depending on her mood. If she was in a good mood, she would have a close fight. Sometimes when she has a brain freeze, she starts to turn around all over the court, so she won’t let her opponent touch. She doesn’t pay attention to fighting style at all.

“If you have the ability, catch up with me.” Wei San replied on the channel, “If you lose, buy me skewers.”

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