SOOEW Chapter 287 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates IX

He wore a pair of gold rimmed glasses today. Of course, he had no myopia. In the era of the development of science and technology, myopia was like a cold. A pair of medicines could cure the disease. Glasses were only the retro fashion of people in the era of the universe. Under his “polite” smile, this pair of glasses made him look like a full ten points civilized scum.

“What if I said I had already told others?”

Compared with the fierce image of flying legs and pulling people in the star network, in reality, Wen Ying’s image was a famous lady. Even the words of rebellion sounded very gentle.

“Beatrice, you can’t fool me.” Cyril smiled. “What’s more, you know what happens when you annoy the Swift family. You wouldn’t want to see it.”

She was silent for a moment, as if she were thinking.

He gave her time without haste and tolerance. However, after a certain time, he heard her ask, “I don’t want to annoy the Swift family, but I think you can’t represent your family right now. Cyril, I don’t know what the consequences would be if I annoy you?”

His eyes suddenly coagulated and he looked at the smiling girl in front of him.

“So, have you decided?”

“En.” She nodded, but what she said was beyond his expectation. “I don’t think you will believe me even if I promise immediately, so I decided to charge a certain reward to reassure you.”

Cyril was a little stunned. Just as he straightened out the thread of her words, he suddenly found her breathing close at hand.

The girl’s eyes were like water, getting closer and closer, and he could even count the dense and long eyelashes.

She wanted to kiss him? !

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Realizing this, Cyril was startled and immediately refused: “No——”

“I want a mecha.”


“I said I wanted a mecha.” She was at a close distance from him and tilted her head playfully, “I thought about it. Only the Swift family can build the most suitable mecha for me. Since you want to seal my mouth for him, this isn’t too much, right?”

Cyril: “……”

He thought he had known the girl in front of him for more than ten years and had never seen her like this. In his impression, Beatrice has always been a weak young lady. She would cry emotionally and sentimentally from time to time. Only when she seized Allen’s inhibitor could she have a tough side, but after being scolded by him, she was still shaky, like maple leaves on autumn branches.

But just now, she was obviously teasing him.

His heart was slightly sullen, but the smile on the surface was more and more perfectly flawless, “Alright.” He promised.

She achieved her initial goal. Wen Ying did not miss much, and opened the door after politely saying goodbye.

Just then, a small helicopter landed in front of her, which was the tool for people to deliver express in this era. The rotating blade of the helicopter stopped. Wen Ying opened its “belly” box and took out a small box with a note attached.

Wen Ying took a look, under Cyril’s inexplicable eyes, she happily hugged the small box.

Alan’s soul piece, no, not right, her soul piece, no, also not right, Chris’s soul piece——has arrived!

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