WFILTU Chapter 376 – King VI

“Why are we not suitable? Where are we not suitable? Shanghai and Beijing are very close. I’ll go wherever you are after I graduate!” Yi Tianyu spoke eagerly, “I’ll come to see you every week. What’s wrong with us?”

Xue Jiao bowed her head and said softly, “Your father’s company is in City C. If you go back to inherit the company in the future, my father moved to Beijing. I also want to be in Beijing in the future. I want to go to graduate school or even attend for a PhD. I will always be here.……we are now in Shanghai and Beijing, and we will be in Beijing and City C in the future. The distance will always exist.”

She must study here for many years. Dafa Real Estate was based in City C, and all its assets were in City C. Pengcheng had lost a lot when he moved to Beijing. If Dafa Real Estate moves, it would hurt the muscles and bones.

Xue Jiao pressed step by step: “You once said that your dream was basketball. You would pursue your dream in the future. At that time, we don’t know how far away we would be.”

Yi Tianyu was stunned. He never thought about the distance in the future.

It’s like Xue Jiao and he were still at the same table, next to each other.

It was difficult for immature boys and mature girls at this age to get together.

He was full of enthusiasm, but he never arranged and planned for the future.

He thought they could be together forever, but he didn’t think about the conditions of being together forever.

Reality would destroy dreams and imagination.

Xue Jiao looked up at him and spoke seriously, “Yi Tianyu, and I’m very busy. I don’t have time to fall in love. Don’t like me anymore. We’re really inappropriate.”

She had always known they were not suitable. What she wanted and what he wanted were completely different.

It’s like he felt that he applied for Fudan and no longer stubbornly applied to the university next to Tsinghua. Then he stood in front of her and told herself his decision, and she would be happy.

He went to Shanghai and took a bus to Beijing. Then he told himself that it was not far away. They could be together forever.

It’s not like that. Two people who love each other and are suitable together make progress and support each other.

It’s happiness, and not a burden.

Yi Tianyu would never understand why Xue Jiao was so angry when she knew he was going to apply to the university next to Tsinghua, and even immediately realized that they were not suitable at all.

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Because at that moment, he brought her a heavy burden, like shackles.

He couldn’t understand her. The young man was full of love, sad and helpless.

“Then you should give me a chance to pursue you!” Yi Tianyu’s voice was urgent and his eyes turned red.

Xue Jiao looked at him: “We are still young. Like is not love, it’s not unforgettable. Yi Tianyu, I hope you will always be good. The sea is wide with fish jumping, and the sky is high with birds flying. Instead of following me all the time, only knowing how to chase me, you should have your own life, and realize your dream.”

He could chase her for a moment and willfully say he would follow her anywhere.

But she was afraid of his willfulness. Young Yi Tianyu could only see her at this moment, but what would happen in the future?

Xue Jiao couldn’t bet on how long his firmness would last. She preferred him to walk his own life instead of making many decisions on impulse before he goes out.

Yi Tianyu couldn’t understand. He only knew that Xue Jiao was rejecting him.

“You really don’t like me at all?” His voice trembled.

Xue Jiao nodded: “Correct.”

Those sprouts that had just grown and were cut off, Xue Jiao thought, let it pass.

Rather than let him know, it’s better to never let him know.

If she never gave him hope, he might come out faster.

Those who once sprouted, the little ignorance of youth, let it become their own memory.

The pain of young people, although uncomfortable, will soon pass.

Yi Tianyu’s face turned white and something fell in his eyes. He immediately turned around and didn’t let Xue Jiao see it.

“I know I know, nerd you are so ruthless!”

His voice choked: “I’ll go back and see you again when I have a chance.”

He said to go back, but his feet didn’t move.

“Good-bye.” Xue Jiao bit her lower lip and said softly.

Seeing that Xue Jiao didn’t keep himself, Yi Tianyu took back a step, leaving angrily and sadly.

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