SAPPS Chapter 30

The connection between the mecha control and the head requires perception. Tai Wude ran with Wei San for a long time, and his head began to feel faint. He gasped and kept his hand speed: “You stop, we’ll have a good fight. Whether you win or lose, I’ll invite you to eat all over the street!”

Wei San tutted, “When did you win? Daddy doesn’t want to sweat today.”

Tai Wude: Shit, bullying others!

At the last training session, Tai Wude didn’t catch up with Wei San. On the contrary, when he came out, he almost hit an obstacle on the training ground.

For students with grade A perception, at this time, the teacher could hardly teach anything. As a person who almost went to the military region, Li Pi’s close-up skills were among the best in 3212 Institute, but now several students have learned almost the same.

In the next two months, several top students in each Class B were in a state of free range.

When the day of testing perception came, many parents waited outside of the school, hoping to hear good news.

Everyone stood in line with the queue at the beginning of the school year. There were ten classes, namely ten teams. Only nine years ago, there were hundreds of people in each team, but now most classes have only dozens of people.

Tai Wude was in Class B1 and stood in the first position. Later, he was the first person to test his perception. However, he was not nervous. After all, he knew the results in advance.

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“Number B1108001.”

When he heard that they were calling his student number, Tai Wude walked in with his head held high and came out after about five minutes. His face was very calm.

“Grade A.”

After he returned to his position, a voice rang through the whole school.

The students at the bottom immediately exclaimed that although they had known for a long time, they still couldn’t help admiring after they were really confirmed that Tai Wude could attend the big five military academies.

“Number B1108002.”

“Grade A.”

After the second student entered the test, they were A grade. The whole playground was boiling, and everyone was imagining that they were the next A grade.

However, the following reality made everyone’s luck disappear and gradually calm down.

“Grade B.”

“Grade B.”

“Grade C.”


After two consecutive classes, no one was grade A.

“Number B3108598.”

“Grade A.”

There was already three. These three people all rank in the top three every year.

Time passed bit by bit. It was class B5’s turn. People went in one after another and got grade B perception one by one.

Finally, it was time for the last one in the class.

“Number B5108429.”

Wei San raised her eyes. It’s her turn.


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