SOOEW Chapter 288 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates X

In the military department of the free federal college, Allen conducted a mecha simulation test with one of his classmates. After the results came out, he left the simulated cockpit and was held around his neck by his opponent. He joked: “The last time I played with you, I was under a lot of pressure. Did you become weaker or did I become stronger?” The Alpha was sweating profusely, and more pheromones were secreted after exercise.

Allen felt a little uncomfortable, but he couldn’t push the person away. He could only reluctantly answer, “I’m not in a good shape recently.”

The Alpha said carelessly: “A beta that can be at your level is already very well. You made a sensation in the examination at the beginning of the semester. You beat the latest model with an old tc980 mecha. You are the first person I admire as a beta! It was said that this has spread all over the college. The military headquarters seemed to have an intention to contact you, but I don’t know if you……”


The Alpha was interrupted by a magnetic sound before he finished speaking.

In the process of their dialogue, Cyril had appeared at the door. He also ended the simulated battle with others. At a glance, he knew that he had come to Allen specially.

The Alpha thought of something and spread his hand, “I see. You have Cyril. It’s nothing to join the first Legion.”

“You think too much.”

Allen simply retorted, without saying more to the other party. After saying goodbye to him, he stood with Cyril. They were roommates and often brought each other back to their bedroom.

But Cyril didn’t immediately step forward, but asked, “Are you still in bad shape today……”

“Am not!”

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Allen retorted at once, and then froze for a moment.

“Really…….” Cyril thought of the data he saw from his mentor. The other party’s status has been declining recently. It was unknown why. He said, “I’ve solved Beatrice’s problem. She promised me she would keep her mouth shut. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Allen heard it and expressed his gratitude, but obviously, he wasn’t trapped by it. So Cyril asked, “Did that star net game bother you?”

“Don’t guess anymore.” Allen hung his eyes with considerable resistance. “I’ll adjust myself. Don’t worry.”

He was in poor condition. He was really regretting that he took part in the game rashly. Although he had a more comprehensive consideration, he still encountered variables.

The soul piece has been sent out before the start of the game, and he can’t change his mind, but the lack of Chris’s guidance and help in the mecha battle has indeed had a certain impact on him. It was difficult for him to suppress Alpha with his Omega’s physique, even if his mental strength was S, but it was far from enough for people trained since childhood. Combat depended on overwhelming ability or rich experience, which he does not fully possess. There used to be Chris who could make up for his shortcomings.

He felt it was necessary to find his whereabouts. Even if it was not for foreign objects, he had known Chris for a long time and promised to help him return to his original body. He should keep his promise.

He still remembered when he just sent the other party to the martial arts school, Chris joked that if he lost, he would run away with others. At that time, he vowed not to.

Cyril didn’t know if he was aware of his resistance. He said, “I’m not going to interfere with you, but soon, the military headquarters will launch a brand-new mecha, which is made of the latest materials. It can completely close the space and prevent the overflow of pheromones. It’s very suitable for you, Allen.”

Allen’s eyes lit up and he immediately looked towards him.

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