WFILTU Chapter 378 – Love I

Elder Lin was slightly stunned and almost didn’t believe his ears.

What did the girl say? !

Not qualified? !

“You——” Elder Lin raised his hand and pointed to Xue Jiao, with a disbelieving face.

Elder Lin was very angry. He came here to warn Gu Xuejiao.

Because he knew his grandson was out of control, so he started from the girl.

But he didn’t expect to see Gu Xuejiao at the gate of the school, and his grandson was also here.

He also didn’t want to fight against his grandson, but he felt angry when he saw his calm grandson running to the school gate for a little girl.

But what made him more angry was——this girl actually dared to talk to him like this?!

Xue Jiao raised her chin without any change in her expression.

“You are presumptuous! I am his grandfather. Why am I not qualified?!” Elder Lin was so angry that he stamped his feet on the ground with a look of resentment.

Xue Jiao looked at him and spoke seriously, “I don’t think you are qualified to be a grandfather. When you don’t treat your grandchildren as blood relatives, you are no longer his grandfather. Naturally, you are not qualified to take care of him.”

“Presumptuous——” Elder Lin’s crutch hit the ground and he gasped heavily, “You are presumptuous!”

Xue Jiao looked at him coldly. She had never seen her relatives in her previous life and had never enjoyed the feeling of family affection. But the old man kept her and took care of her. Looking back in this life, it was actually family affection, family affection without blood relationship.

An old man without blood relationship gave her family affection, and her biological parents in her previous life gave birth to her, but they were unwilling to raise her. Xue Jiao didn’t understand family affection before. She thought only blood relationships were family affection.

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But in this life, she found that those who are not related by blood may possibly have family affection, and those who are related by blood do not necessarily have family affection.

This person doesn’t give Lin Zhihua family affection, but wanted Lin Zhihua to respect him among his relatives?

What’s this kind of reasoning!

“You raised Lin Zhihua, so when you made a big mistake, Lin Zhihua also let you eat and drink, and gave you a comfortable life. He has done his utmost to you, but you were not satisfied, and you still want to interfere in his life.”

Xue Jiao’s eyes were cold: “Who he likes and who he is willing to marry has nothing to do with you. Don’t meddle in his affairs under the banner of being good for him. You don’t need to.”

Elder Lin gasped for breath. He patted his heart with one hand and widened his eyes.


“I’m telling you the truth. Have you really loved Lin Zhihua? Have you considered his life? You still helped the tyranny. Did you ever think about what could happen beyond your control in that car accident?” Xue Jiao questioned, raising her voice and spitting out word by word.

If it weren’t for her transmigrating over, then in that car accident, seemingly the most powerful and best man in this world, would have ruined his brilliance in that car accident.

No one in the world knew how powerful this man was, and no one knew what glory this man would create.

That kind of scene, just thinking about it made Xue Jiao endure pain.

He thought he was Lin Zhihua’s grandfather, but he was also the one who almost killed this man!

“If you don’t fulfill your obligations, don’t try to exercise your rights!” Xue Jiao’s voice became a little sharp and angry, which was completely different from the sharp voice in the past.

Lin Zhihua stood behind Xue Jiao and stared at her in a daze.

Was Jiao Jiao protecting him?

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